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Sustainable Packaging Using Spouted Stand Up Pouches

by David Marinac | January 23, 2012 | 0 Comments | Food Packaging, Liquid and Spouted Packaging, Help Center

It wasn't that long ago (October of 2011) that I wrote a post titled, "Are Spouted Stand Up Pouches Dead?"  It seemed odd that something with so much potential would be drifting off into the sunset.  Let me explain.  In all the environmental jargon being passed around these days, three words continue to rise to the surface, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.  Yes there are others, like Sustainability, which I'll discuss shortly but these three words are considered the "answer" when it comes to conserving our world's resources.

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Build Your Juice BRAND Using Spouted Stand Up Bags

Juice.  Today's consumers, whether they be athletes, artists or a family of four, are consuming juice more than ever.  Cranberry, orange, grapefruit, pomegranate, apple, grape and all sorts of mixes, blends and new concoctions.  Sales are increasing, but so is competition.   As a result, it's becoming ever more difficult for producers and distributors to stand out in the marketplace.  The challenge is to build your juice brand so the consumer thinks about it as she walks down that long store aisle lined with row upon row of juice boxes, bottles, jugs and cans.  

Spouted stand up pouches are an excellent way to build your brand.  Also known as spouted stand bags, spouted stand pouches, and custom printed stand up pouches with spouts, stand up bag packaging has several characteristics that will help the shopper build a connection with your product line.   He will not only identify your brand with the delicious and nutritious product it is but also with the innovative, highly functional and convenient package in which the juice is packaged, sold and stored at home. 

Stand up pouches are available with easy to use pour spouts and screw caps.  This packaging guards against spillage but, more importantly, protects the juice from vapor, odor, additional unwanted moisture and pests (and we all know how ants love juice!).   The barrier film serves to lock in freshness, prolonging the shelf life, flavor, aroma and nutrients.

Your marketing department will love how easy it is to brand your brand using spouted stand up pouches.  The wide front and back panels provide ample space to affix company labels.  Conversely, you can custom print ingredients, product data, company information, even language promoting your other products, directly onto the bags in up to 10 colors.  Or you can combine the two.  No matter the choice, the consumer will recognize your brand!

When it comes to the consumer concerned with sustainability and company policies regarding the environment, stand up pouches will certainly enhance your brand.  Why?  Well, not only are the pouches recyclable (almost a must in today's market), but they take up very little room in any landfill, giving the 'green' consumer the comfort of knowing that he has chosen a product that reduces his consumptive waste.

Juice packaging using spouted stand up pouches.  Functional, convenient, environmentally sound; all attributes for which you want your brand to be known.  Great for the consumer.  Great for healthier sales.   

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Build Vegetable Juice BRAND Using Spouted Stand Up Pouches

As the media constantly informs us, consumers are claiming to be more health conscious than ever (although that assertion is difficult to reconcile with ever-rising obesity numbers, but that's for another discussion!).  Americans are buying more organic products, more vitamins, more supplements and monitoring their diets more closely.  In general, they are making more health-conscious purchases.  

Perhaps one of healthiest products around is vegetable juice.  Available in more varieties than ever (much more than those famous 8), almost all vegetable juice is nutritious and delicious.   The challenge to the producer, then, is to convince the consumer that not all brands are alike.  In other words, you, the producer and/or distributor must build a strong vegetable juice brand if you are to compete successfully in the marketplace.  

To persuade the consumer that not all vegetable juices are created equal, how do you distinguish your brand, give it an identity all its own?  Package your vegetable juice in an innovative container that is easy to use, puncture resistant, guards against spoilage and stores conveniently.  A spouted stand up pouch does all these things.

Laminating together multiple layers of scientifically designed barrier film results in a package design that has a stable base and sturdy sides, yet is flexible enough to mold to smaller storage space the emptier it becomes.   Available screw caps and pour spouts make for ease of use for virtually every family member.  

Also called spouted stand bags, stand up bags, custom printed spouted pouches, spouted stand up pouches are designed to preserve the freshness of any vegetable juice and its nutritional properties.  The design of the bags protect the contents from vapor, moisture, light and odor and prevent against spillage and spoilage. 

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Are Spouted Stand Up Pouches DEAD?

by David Marinac | October 28, 2011 | 0 Comments | Liquid and Spouted Packaging

Hardly!  In fact, spouted stand up pouches are just getting started here in the US.  Overseas, the push for reduction in the amount of "packaging" used has been a few years ahead of the United States, but without question that movement is on it's way.  BBQ Sauce?  Honey?  Vodka?  Spouted stand up pouches, also known as spouted bags or spouted stand up bags, accomplish one the of the main tenets of the environmental movement, or the 3Rs, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.  Spouted bags help companies reduce the amount of plastic and/or packaging they use.  Whether they are changing from a rigid plastic pail or bottle into a flexible spouted bag or maybe they are eliminating a bag inside of a box or even using a spouted stand bag instead of a glass jar, all of these options are using efficient, cutting edge, and attractive packaging while at the same time helping our environment.

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Liquid Packaging Using Spouted Stand Up Pouches -- Part Three

by David Marinac | August 25, 2011 | 2 Comments | Liquid and Spouted Packaging

Spouted stand up pouches, also known as spouted stand bags, are unique in the packaging industry in that they are made to hold and contain liquids of all sorts, syrups, dressings, gravy, and now beverages have noticed their convenience, cost savings potential, and just as important their environmental impact.  Because of their design and attached pour spout, spouted stand bags aren't made with some of the other features of stand up pouches, like a ziplock or tear notches.  Regardless, they are made strong and impact resistant with the ability to stand erect and effectively on a store shelf and protect the contents inside.

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Liquid Packaging Using Spouted Stand Up Pouches -- Part Two

by David Marinac | August 23, 2011 | 0 Comments | Liquid and Spouted Packaging

As I mentioned in part one, spouted stand up pouches, also known as stand bags or stand up bags, have been used for dry applications such as powders and spices that can be mixed with other liquids like water or oil or even alcohol to create salad dressing, frozen drinks, or even marinades.  Further, I mentioned how spouted stand bags are now being looked at to hold straight alcohol like vodka and gin or even wine.

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Liquid Packaging Using Spouted Stand Up Pouches -- Part One

by David Marinac | August 18, 2011 | 0 Comments | Liquid and Spouted Packaging

I've blogged extensively about stand up pouches, also known as stand bags or stand up bags and their uses for all sorts of products, from granola and cereal to candy and spices.  But one of the hottest markets for stand pouches is the liquid and beverage industry.  More specifically, using stand up pouches for alcohol and spirts as well as wine.  Here, the stand pouch would contain the liquid and use a sealed spout/cap combination to fill and discharge the liquid.

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