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Brew Up Success with Stand Up Pouch

At StandUpPouches.net we make it easy to get your product into the right stand up pouch for your particular product. If you're in the coffee or tea business - ground coffee, whole bean coffee, loose leaf tea, teabags, whatever it may be - we can help package your liquids. We've developed a special process for our custom-printed stand up pouches. This is a five-step process with a free bonus step.

We use rotogravure printing which results in professional-level image quality. We can also run very low runs at a very low cost.  As your business grows, we grow with you. We even help you market your product. We'll help you with your artwork, from concept to finished product. Listening to you is a top priority to us so we can choose the best solution for your needs.

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Pouches aren’t just for food they’re for detergent packaging too

Have you looked at how detergent packaging can help you build your brand? Stand up pouches can be a key component in more effectively building your brand in several ways.  We'll look at several of them.  Also known as stand up bags, stand bags and Mylar™ bags;they are constructed from laminating together multiple layers of scientifically designed barrier film.  This process results in product packaging that is durable, protective against vapor, odor and moisture, and is puncture resistant. 

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Liquids and Beverages Packaged in Stand Up Pouches

Why be bothered with a bottle, enjoy easy to use and convenient for storage Stand Up pouches. The easy to pour sprout stand up pouches allow juices, alcohol, drink mixes, wine, gravy, and baby food to flow easily into the glass. With stand up pouches you are able to print your brand with a simple print or a bold print to have your product stand up and out above the rest.

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Steps for Spouted Stand Up Pouches by StandUpPouches.net

Spouted caps can save you money. There is a lot of available area to print on your packaging. Use custom packaging solutions that help show off your product and keep if fresh while keeping the colors in line with all your branding assets. Stand up pouches are available with custom printed pouches and standard printed flexible packages. The pouches are a great way to show of the product while keeping it safe from air, moisture, odors and sun damage. Spouted printed stand up pouches or flexible pouches are recyclable and landfill friendly. Stand up Pouches sprout pouches are easy to pour and easy to store. The best part of packing your coffee, candy, chocolate, and non-food items with stand up pouches, they will save you money. With flexible packaging or stand up pouches you will gain more shelf space, more printing options, and the space to build your brand.

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BluePrint Cleanse and Spouted Stand Up Pouches

Great article in today's Food Navigator about BluePrint Cleanse being purchased by Hain Celestial.  BluePrint makes fresh juice and markets them obviously for the health benefit.  I'm in agreement 100%, fresh juice is amazing for you and I hope their joining forces benefits both companies in a huge way.  Here is where they need help and spouted stand up bags come into play.  One look at their website and you'll see that rigid plastic bottles are their packaging of choice.  Really, a company that produces products so good for us, neglects the environment?  There is a saying in the packaging industry of the 3 Rs, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.  Without question, the best way to help our environment is to reduce the amount of plastic that is used in packaging.  These rigid containers that BluePrint uses can be replaced easily with spouted stand up bags at a fraction of the cost and a fraction of the thickness of what they are currently using.

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Baby Food Packaging, Safety and Convenience

by David Marinac | October 16, 2012 | 0 Comments | Food Packaging, Liquid and Spouted Packaging

Consumers and Pediatricians have spoken. What are they saying? That baby food packaged in stand up pouches with spouted twist off caps are convenient (knew that), portable (knew that), but also safer for infants transitioning to self-feeding and solid foods.  As a baby/toddler food manufacturer you want to be on the cutting edge of brand and perception right? Well, our baby food packaging stands up to keep soft, pureed and liquid foods from spilling (convenience), and the spout allows for easy pouring or self-feeding (safety).Baby Food Packaging

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Easy Pour Stand Up Pouches Without Spouts

Bottles and cans, cartons and jugs.  We buy countless liquid products, seemingly all of which come in one of these packaging forms.  They are all adequate for meeting the task, yet there is a form of packaging that is perhaps more suitable for shipping, selling and storing liquids:  Easy pour liquid stand pouches.

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Liquid Stand Up Bags With Spouts and Caps

Retail product packaging has come a long way, which is especially true when it comes to packaging liquid products.  Gourds and animal skins gave way to earthenware and stoneware vessels which, in turn, gave way to casks, tins and bottles.  Then the advent of plastics revolutionized retail packaging and continues to do so today. Just a quick glance at the food and drug industry for example shows countless examples of products that eventually could find their way to be packaged in a spouted stand up bag.

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Save Mother Earth Using Spouted Stand Up Pouches

Interesting article in recent Nutra-Ingredients publication about POM Wonderful...the quirky company making claims about the wonders and advantages of using pomegranate juice to fight heart disease and prostate problems.  What this has to do with spouted stand up bags I'll get to in a second but long and short is instead or in place of providing proof that this pomegranate juice can do what it says it can do, this company has filed a lawsuit against the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) as a preemptive strike to provide more time making these claims without having to prove it.  The FTC wants proof and POM Wonderful is basically saying they don't have it "yet" and need more time.

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Baby Food Packaging Using Stand Up Bags Will Build YOUR Brand

Baby food packaging. A special kind of packaging for a very special "end-user", to borrow from our friends in the computer industry. Baby food packaging is also one of the few products where that "end-user" not only doesn't make the buying decision, but really has little to say about it. So, when building your brand for baby food packaging, you are essentially appealing to a consumer who doesn't really consume the product. Interesting when you think about it.

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