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– Matt Clifford, Barnana "[We are] big fans of ABC, and Tam [Custom Printed Pouch Project Manager] at that! Glad the camaraderie is mutual"

 Barnana Stand Up Pouch Barnana Stand Up Pouch


Garmon Corporation,


Maureen Lake, Sweet Pea Kitchen


Tina Abentroth, Purchasing Manager, FoodScience Corp

"Tammi [Custom Printed Pouch Project Manager) You Rock as always!!!! Thanks so much for sending the samples…bags look good. We LOVE these!!! It is seriously such a treat to get these."


"We LOVE your bags and as we grow would like to have your company design them! 

"Many thanks for making the 4 x 6 bag happen for us. You have gone above and beyond and I appreciate your working to make this happen."


"The bags are great! Exactly what I'm looking for. Quick and prompt service. Will be back!"
Danny Fontes, Kraoma 


Untitled-1"A stand up pouch is not a piece of art...its not a complex piece of software. It is a fairly simple product mass produced with multiple suppliers around the world. What makes the difference between StandUpPouches.net & the competition is the customer service. I started a business with a pretty unique product not knowing a dang thing about what I was doing. When I randomly picked Karen & her team to supply my bags, little did I know I was getting a group of people that weren't just filling orders but dedicated to learning my business & helping me grow. I have to worry about a lot of things but this is an area where I know I'm covered! Oh...& there silver pouches are way better quality then Uline." -Tim Brown, Taco In A Bag 



quotesVery helpful and it's easy to figure out what quotes_R& how, love them & would love to work with them in the future!" -Madona Giorgadze, Georgiancook LLC


"As we all know, there comes a time in each of our businesses where we need one (or more) of our suppliers to go the extra mile. Yesterday was just that day for me. We got a last minute order last night (via email, at 7:30 pm EST). I quickly called our sales rep. at Standuppouches.net aka, Abc-packaging.com and left a message for our rep. to call 1st thing in the morning. This morning, Karen Soria returned my call, listened to my needs, offered several available options, and I now have my order filled, and being delivered as I need it for tomorrow at noon. I love it. Thank you Karen and Standuppouches.net. for going the extra mile." -Bob Haasenritter

"Great Products!!! I received the sample pack and the pouches looked great, they had a lot of them to choose from and the printed one looked great. I would recommend this company for your packaging needs." - Lindsay Larochelle, Lindsay's Treats

Have been using StandUpPouches.net for six years and have always been happy with the quality, speedy delivery, prices and customer service. Other companies have sent me samples and none have compared to the quality and aesthetics of the pouches I have been ordering from StandUpPouches. Highly recommended. -Terri Lynn Fucile

We were very happy with the samples sent. They were a good representative sample. We chose the ones we liked and placed an order for 3 different bag sizes and styles. Thanks for the fast response - Tim Dillin, Farm to Market Grains LLC

It felt like the samples were in my hand before I even sent out the request, thanks for the turnaround! -Emory Minter, Capital Teas

"Wow, reply on a Sunday. Now that is great service." -Brian, Happy Wire Dog LLC

"They do their best to supply you with all the information you need to know to succeed in your search for the best product." - Santos Diaz - Eli's Doces

Untitled-1-2 "Tell and thank everyone at ABC that our pouches turned out fantastic. Everyone loves them, especially our retailers! They are just stunning and beautiful. Sales are going well and ramping nicely. We love you guys! We would recommend you to everyone/anyone. Your whole team did a fantastic job for us!!" - Nancy and Bill Pohlman - Equine health products - 707 Ranch LLC
cranberry-orange-granola-cutout "The bags look great! We can't wait to roll out the new look!" -Ann Whalen - Optimal Wellness Center - Good n' Raw
Untitled-2-1 "When our project manager asked how the customers were reacting to the packaging and cocoa powder, this was what Holy Kakow had to say: "Oh, they're loving it. Kissing and huggin' it Tammi! This is definitely an improvement from our former packaging. We'll look forward to working more with you." Wyatt Woods - Holy Kakow Chocolate 


"Everything looks wonderful. You guys continue to exceed our expectations by providing quality product and great customer service from order to delivery. Very impressive."

— Joe Neeb, MiracleCorp Products


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