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What Happens When You Ditch The Box For Custom Stand Up Bags

Have you made the switch to custom stand up bags for your products? From laundry detergent to beef jerky, flexible retail packaging certainly can take your marketing efforts up a notch.

However, we realize there are some brands that have yet to make the leap.

Custom stand up pouches might not be the perfect fit for every brand, but we’re confident enough to say that nearly every company has something to gain by ditching their cardboard product packaging.

This list isn’t only intended for those who are breaking up with their box for stand up bags. It’s also for those who are still using outdated and ineffective protective packaging methods, from tin cans to bottled wine.

So, what exactly happens when your brand makes the switch to custom stand up bags?

  1. You Instantly Become A Star On The Store Shelf
    It’s easy for customers to walk by cardboard product packaging without taking a second look. Yawn-worthy granola and cereal packaging, not to mention the endless amount of unappealing spices and seasoning packaging, just doesn’t impress customers. The list of drab food packaging goes on and on, but that’s another topic for another day.

But when you ditch the box for custom stand up bags, it becomes much easier to catch the eye of your customers. Stand up pouches are pretty much instant sensations at the grocery store with their sleek design and custom artwork.

Think about it—when was the last time that anyone ever called a cardboard box “pretty”?

That’s what I thought.

  1. You Gain Respect Amongst Eco-Conscious Consumers

Did you know that the concern about recyclable packaging in the United States is continuously growing? Forum For The Future conducted a study suggesting that 62% of consumers feel negative toward brands that don’t use recyclable packaging.

If you haven’t felt compelled enough to switch to recyclable packaging yet, those numbers should get your motions in gear.Ditch The Box

Even if you’re unconcerned about the environment, we’re willing to bet that you are concerned about what customers think about you.

Custom stand up bags are more easily recycled than cardboard packaging, glass jars, or tin cans. The byproduct of recycled stand up pouches is known as regrind—and it’s used to create a variety of plastic materials, from picnic tables to lotion bottles.

Furthermore, recyclable bags take up way less space in the landfills than cardboard boxes.

The point is that customers care about where their garbage goes. There’s data and surveys to prove it.

They also care to know that you care about the environment and want to make a difference.

Showing an effort to choose recyclable protective packaging, when available, demonstrates that you’re aware of environmental concerns and you want to do what’s right for the environment.

So when you switch to stand up bags from glass jars, cardboard boxes and the like, you’ll earn a new respect from eco-conscious consumers. And that newfound respect can ultimately trickle down and result in more sales for your brand.

That’s the whole idea, isn’t it?

  1. You’re Introduced To A World Of New Packaging Features

When you’re accustomed to using cardboard for your product packaging, your extra features include cardboard, cardboard, and oh—cardboard.

Sounds like something your customers will surely love.

But when you switch to stand up pouches, you have numerous options that help enhance customer experience and increase the quality and freshness of your product.

Now do we have your attention?

So, what exactly are these new features? We’re glad you asked.

  • Zip lock closures. One new option with stand up bags is the popular zip lock closure. Your customers are used to “resealing” your cardboard box by sliding a tab under the top flap of cardboard. With stand up pouches, your customers are in for quite a surprise. Instead of fussing with a piece of cardboard, they’ll be able to seamlessly re-seal your product packaging by simply pressing the two interlocking zipper tracks together.
  • Slide and Velcro zipper closures. If that doesn’t sound easy enough, our zipper closures might be even simpler. Customers can simply seal your stand up bags closed with one convenient slide zipper or even Velcro hook and loop closures, containing your product in an airtight environment.
  • Multiple packaging styles. With cardboard protective packaging, you’re basically trapped inside a small box of options. With flexible retail packaging, you have multiple selections in terms of the style that you want for your packaging.

    You can choose from a selection of flat barrier bags, which are also known as three-side seal flat pouches. They are perfect for single servings, which is something that cardboard can’t accomplish.

    There are also flat bottom bags—this style of stand up pouch can easily transition any company from bulky boxes to streamlined pouches. This option is an ideal selection for cereal, granola, and various kinds of snacks.

    You also have the option to become completely innovative and design your own custom stand up bag. Additional features for innovative and custom stand up bags include microwavable films, pour spouts, gas release valves and more.

How Is That Cardboard Box Working Out For You?

At this point, you’re probably overwhelmed with all of the features and possibilities that flexible retail packaging offers you. We don’t blame you—we’ve been in this industry for years, and we’re still dizzy with all of the options.

But we love it, and we think that you will, too.

So, if you’re thinking of ditching the box for stand up bags, there’s no better time than now. A packaging professional can help you transition from cardboard to flexible retail packaging, transform your brand, and bring business to a new level.


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