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7 Advantages of Flexible Packaging

With such a flurry of food products in the market, the consumer marketplace is saturated. This sea of products presents manufacturers with a big challenge – how to make their products stand out from dozens (if not hundreds) of other similar products? After investing heavily in research and advertising, manufacturers are now looking for a third, hitherto overlooked, way to increase the attractiveness of their product – flexible packaging.
Stand up pouch bags are a form of flexible packaging. Made from several layers of plastic, aluminum, and other materials, these stand up pouches are strong enough to protect your food products from environmental and physical hazards that they will face during transport and storage. There are several other advantages of using flexible food packaging – manufacturers can experiment with attractive designs to make their products enticing, and they can add features such as zip locks and spouts to make packaging more convenient and usable.
These are not the only advantages of using flexible packaging. Here is a short list of more advantages: 
  1. Flexible packaging is customizable to the extreme. It can be tailored to fit your needs. Manufacturers can virtually make a packaging of any shape and size to suit your product, brand, and other business needs. This ability gives manufacturers an edge over the competition.
  2. Flexible packaging is made from high-grade materials. StandUpPouches.net's stand up bags use FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved food grade materials which are contaminant free and perfectly safe. Manufacturers can enhance this safety by including additional features such as ultraviolet protection.
  3. Retailers are increasingly looking for products that show some creativity in merchandise. Flexible packaging offers exactly what they need – they can make a stand up pouch hang in a peg display or stand up on a store shelf.
  4. Flexible packaging is reusable. Features such as zip locks, spouts, and resealable seals make usage more convenient. With consumers increasingly looking for more convenience, these features can provide manufacturers just what they need to increase sales.
  5. Rotogravure printing is a new printing technique. Manufacturers can get very vivid and clear logos through this technique. Flexible packaging, being relatively new, combines very well with rotogravure printing.
  6. The gusseted bottom in flexible packaging expands when a product is put into it. This is a useful feature for liquid food product manufacturers who want something flexible, but durable.
  7. Finally, flexible packaging is more environment friendly as it does not take many resources to produce these pouches. At the same time, being green does not hurt the pockets of manufacturers.
These reasons make standup pouches stand out from the crowd. No other packaging option offers so many benefits.


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