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Supply Chain Options During Coronavirus

Supply Chain During Coronavirus and Beyond

The coronavirus has everyone in a panic mode...and while some people and companies respond well to panic, many do not.  The US has a real problem on their hands and it's only going to get worse if you rely only on domestic suppliers for your retail packaging...whether it be flexible retail packaging or bottles, jars, even glass and thermoformed products.  

What started (the virus) overseas has quickly subsided there... while the virus and the rush on supplies has drastically impacted us on US soil.  Companies that were already running at full capacity now are closely monitoring their workers and reducing staff to hopefully help curb the spread of this virus.  Now lead times are being pushed BACK...12-15 weeks or more.

When lead times get pushed, quality begins to plummet, you have a business to run and you and your business need options.

While sourcing globally may seem daunting, you have a partner that can help.  Having a company that has people on the ground, at the factory level to visit, vet, inspect, and audit your projects and orders is key.  Remember, what started overseas has basically ended overseas (the virus) and having options in place now...before it's too late...could be a game changer.

Did You Know This Was Possible With Overseas Suppliers You Can Truly Trust?

Whatever you do, be prepared and know you have options!

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