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Shipping & Logistics

What if I told you I had the highest quality printed flexible packaging at the best pricing you could ever find…the only problem…you’d have to find your own shipping company to get it from an overseas factory to your door in Omaha, Nebraska. Could you handle it? Most people would say, “It can’t be that hard” but they’d be sorely mistaken.

Kesco Shipping and Logistics
  • Nothing is more expensive than a late shipment.
  • Nothing is more expensive than a damaged shipment.
  • Nothing is more expensive than a shipment that has incorrect Customs paperwork.
  • Nothing is more expensive than worrying where your shipment is
  • Nothing is more expensive than when your shipment will arrive

We have a proven process that goes Way Beyond just finding excellent suppliers. Here is how we can 100% guarantee our quality and 100% guarantee delivery.

10-15 Days Before CRD (Cargo Ready Date) Our Inspector Reviews Quality

  • Any issues are alerted and factory knows if there are any issues it is on them to re-run and ship AIR at THEIR expense
Shipping and Logistics--Kesco

Upon approval Kesco Logistics (our partner) is called in

  • Shipment inspected again at the factory
  • Shipment moved to port and inspected again
  • Shipment loaded into our Kesco container
  • Container locked and sealed and documents sent for our review and tracking
    • We know what product on what container arriving on what date

3-5 Days Before Arrival at Port—Customs Has Cleared Our Freight (not everyone can say this)

Upon arrival at port—Kesco receives and moves to our warehouse or loads entire container

  • If less than container load Kesco breaks down the freight and inspects (again)
    • Kesco arranges shipment to our customer
  • If full container, customer can load container onto a truck to move or a train to rail it

Everything is transparent…Customer is aware at all times where their shipment is and when it will arrive.

Do Global Sourcing The Right Way—Work With A Company That Has A Proven Process

Shipping and Logistics is just one part of a much bigger topic regarding Supply Chain.  

Shipping and Logistics is also part of a pillar page on the COVID 19 crisis.

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