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Your Overseas Office

BRC is a global food quality standard

Sourcing globally is not for the faint of heart. Many try (and fail) to source from their comfortable confines in the US and hope that what they are promised and subsequently have paid for in advance (often to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars) with not only be right but will arrive on time. Living this way is insane.

But that’s not your company, you have an agent, right? How many other customers does that agent work with? Do you think he/she have your best interests in mind when offered a cheap way to ship your product to the US and put an extra few bucks in their pocket? Don’t kid yourself.

When you have your own overseas office going to work for you and they are on the ground, at the factory level, visiting the plants, inspecting their quality, watching your projects being run, reviewing all of the key details to your ______________ (bottle, pouch, container, eco friendly film, etc) you can be absolutely certain when it arrives it can go straight to your production line.

Global Sourcing and Sustainable Pictures

An overseas office is your “secret sauce”…costs a fraction of the amount of an agent and always has your best interests in mind. Here is what is available

  • Visit and inspect factories based upon the product
    • Inspect for Quality
    • Child Labor
    • Environmental Laws
    • Machine Capacity
    • Cleanliness
    • Samples and Prototypes
    • Trial Runs and Small Orders
    • Quality Paperwork Verified
    • Ability to Scale
    • Willingness to Provide Payment Terms
    • Ability to Warehouse and Supply Chain

As you know, all you need is one hiccup along the way and poof, there goes your lead time, quality, and big order with Walmart or Costco (and their late fees HURT)

Did You Know:

  • Our quality is 100% guaranteed
  • Our delivery date is 100% guaranteed
  • If the factories cannot make their promised delivery date, they PAY to air freight it

This is part of a much larger topic known as Supply Chain.

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