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Value Add Services

Value Add--Kitting-Assembly-Apply Labels etc

Did you know many of the products and services sourced globally still require additional handling once they make it to the US? Just think about this…

  • Adding labels to bags
  • Adding labels to bottles and jars
  • Adding shrink sleeves
  • Kitting and Assembly
  • Carton + Insert + Assembly Into Display
  • Adding Gas Release Valves to Pouches
  • Custom Palletizing (think cans)

Here in the United States, Contract Packaging services like these will cost $.05, $.10, sometimes $.20 cents or more. What if you could have them arrive already pre-labeled or assembled for pennies…versus dimes and quarters!

Did You Know?

Case Study: as small protein powder company was buying whey protein and rice protein from overseas and sending in bulk to the US. Then they sent the bulk to another company to blend and fill into stick packs and pouches their different versions and flavors.

Problem: they couldn’t compete with the big brands even though their product and formulas were better.

Solution: we sourced the protein and their printed flexible packaging, delivered to our offshore contract filler (FDA, BRC certified facility) and they blended, filled, placed the packaging into their bags and pouches and those were placed into ready-made displays for delivery right to their retailers.

Value Add Services--Assembly and Kitting

Cost Savings and Time Savings and Labor Savings—Massive!

The Moral Of The Story? You can get a lot done overseas with higher quality at a fraction of the cost IF you have the right partner.

This value add is just one part of several topics regarding Supply Chain.

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