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5 Packaging Materials & Styles Every Packaging Broker Should Offer

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Many packaging brokers specialize in just a few packaging materials or styles. This is all well and good—we ourselves specialize in the flexible pouch format—but there are also a few essential materials and styles that buyers will want access to as a part of their relationship.  That’s why we also offer a wider range of unique and innovative packaging styles. These formats are in demand with consumers, are known to reduce costs, and will make your product stand out on the shelf. 

1. Resealable Stand Up Pouches

Flexible stand up pouches have exploded in popularity over the last several years. First popular overseas, they’re now making a huge impact on U.S. shelves for the innovative brands that embrace them.  The advantages are many:

  • Low environmental impact (lightweight, ships flat, disposes flat)
  • Cheaper to produce than glass, paper, metal, or cardboard packaging
  • Versatile (dry goods, liquids, snacks, drinks, pet treats, household products)
  • Resealable
  • Perfect print face for bold and evocative branding

Our pouches are ISO9001 certified and offer gently rounded corners, a premium zipper top, and deep tear notches at no extra charge.

2. Eco-Friendly Packaging Materials

Many of us think 100% compostable and biodegradable packaging sounds great. While paper bottles or bags that will dissolve in the ground are definitely environmentally friendly, the reality is that they may dissolve before then (or allow contents to lose their freshness) unless treated with laminations or coatings limit the packaging’s ability to biodegrade. It’s worth investigating these solutions if they’ll work with your product, but there are other environmentally conscious options as well, such as recyclable plastics or other sustainable packaging and eco-friendly packaging materials.

3. Printed Rollstock

Printed rollstock film—whether clear, metalized, or foil—is a versatile and straightforward packaging tool that puts a lot of control in your hands. It’s easy to customize the size, shape, design, and capacity of the package, and printed rollstock enjoys excellent print quality that will really catch a consumer’s eye.  This form of retail packaging is ideal for stick packs, holding dry powders (like drink mixes of coffee), liquids (like condiments), and even travel doses of medicine. The best part is that they’re easy to dispose of without producing much waste.

4. Microwavable Film

Shoppers these days prioritize convenience, which has made microwavable packaging film a valuable recent innovation in retail. No more emptying the contents and boiling on the stovetop or microwaving in an additional container—help your customers grab their vegetables from the freezer and steam them right in the bag.  Make sure that packaging made with this film includes a controlled seal failure that will allow buildups of steam to escape. 

Check out this example of a microwavable film bag that is used for cleaning baby bottles: 

5. Spouted Flexible Packaging

Liquids are one of the toughest materials to package. Traditional solutions are either heavy and breakable (like glass bottles) or take up a lot of space even when they’re empty (like plastic jugs). Flexible packaging materials are great for liquids because they allow for efficient use of space on the shelf as well as much cheaper transportation and flat, low-impact disposal. The contents will stay fresher for longer, too, since the package shrinks as the liquid vacates the flexible pouch, leaving little air inside.

The unique design of a spouted stand up pouch is both a low-cost option for packaging beverages or household liquids (detergents, soaps, etc.) and also easy to fill through the spout or via a void in the package that’s sealed up afterwards.  Finally, flexible packaging is perfect for printing with bold colors or custom images so that the products pops next to the competition.

Take It From Experience

Looking for professional guidance? Stand Up Pouches is an ABC Packaging Direct company with more than 30 years of experience packaging projects across a wide range of dry, wet, food, and non-food categories.  We’ve serviced all suits of specific customer needs—freezable, microwaveable, resealable, recyclable, clear, metalized, refillable, you name it. Choose from our many stock and custom options, or get in touch to consult with our packaging experts. We’ll help you choose the right packaging materials and styles for you.



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