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Sustainable Packaging

Remember…Tried and True Definition of Sustainable

  • Sustainable: an overlooked but highly effective way to help our environment. If we can find ways to improve our business by reducing how much energy is used to create the packaging or ship it or store it or all of the above, these are examples of sustainable solutions. Taking a rigid plastic container that holds windshield washer fluid or cleaning supplies and using a much thinner, flexible package that still holds the same amount but uses 75% less plastic, stores flat, ships flat, etc…is a classic example. There are sustainable options and solutions all around us if you only look.

Here's an example below

Stand Up Pouches--Spouted Stand Up Pouches—Flat Bottom Stand Up Bags

Purely a sustainable option in the fact that stand up pouches have been used extensively for reducing the amount of packaging used. Liquid and Spouted stand up pouches can hold upwards of 5 gallons of product and 50 pounds, while costing a fraction of buckets and pails and different rigid containers.

Flat bottom and traditional stand up pouches hold way more product…powder, granular, etc than rigid or semi-rigid packaging.

As I said earlier…flexible packaging is very often an excellent sustainable packaging option, not to be one taken lightly. For example, just now you are seeing major brands like Kelloggs, Aldi, and even Legos starting to use laminated film structures that can be recycled 100% like (not the same structure but like) the blue shopping bags we get (or used to get) at the store checkout.

I find it interesting that Kelloggs and others have chosen to find recycling options for their retail packaging versus wasting time on compostable-biodegradable packaging. While these show promise, they just aren’t there yet in terms of protecting the contents for an extended shelf life.

Learn more about recycling programs: how2recycle.info

Another Sustainable Option--Spouted Stand Up Pouches

Getting away from the rigid plastics that take up a ton of space, cost more, use a lot more energy to create versus a spouted stand up pouch....ships flat, stores flat, is RECYCLABLE.  


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