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Building a Brand Image with Custom Printed Stand Up Pouches

Whether large or small, any business selling packaged goods can benefit from refreshing and updating the look, feel, and function of their product’s packaging.

Many brands are making the switch from traditional, rigid containers to flexible packaging like stand up pouches, stick packs, spouted pouches, and flat barrier bags. Just as no two products are exactly alike, packaging, too, can vary in subtle but distinct ways. Because packaging has the ability to communicate so much about a product within a few seconds, remaining committed to exploring and embracing new designs and protective solutions helps to keep brands fresh, relevant, and popular. 

Amelia, the co-owner of a small granola company, made a strategic move to not only embrace stand up pouches for granola but also update the packaging as her company grew. She has been a loyal customer to StandUpPouches.net for the past three years, buying cases of stock pouches for packaging granola. As her business began expanding, she realized sticking her brand’s labels on each pouch and filling them herself became quite the undertaking. In an effort to communicate to her customers the growth and success of her brand, she chose to upgrade her packaging to custom printed stand up pouches, eliminating the time-consuming process of turning each pouch from a generic package to a fully customized bag that incorporates her company’s distinct branding, logos, colors, designs, and product highlights.

In the video above, Amelia explains that making the switch from stock stand up pouches for granola to custom printed pouches was a big deal for her family owned company. She invested time into researching packaging suppliers that would work to keep her homemade granola well protected, fresh, and presented in the best possible light. She liked StandUpPouches.net’s approach to being as informative and transparent as possible right from the get go – we don’t claim to be the least expensive option, but Amelia liked that we explained all the steps involved in making sure her packaging was done right and orders are consistently delivered on time. Just as Amelia takes great pride in her product and business, she recognized that our team takes pride in the process of packaging her granola and making each step as smooth and efficient as possible.

Amelia selected 8-ounce custom printed stand up pouches for her granola and mentions she is considering ordering larger sizes that hold more product. Each pouch she ordered is produced with multiple layers of food-grade, FDA-approved film that are laminated together to create a strong barrier that locks in flavor and freshness while keeping the product safeguarded from outside pests, moisture, puncture, or air that can expedite the staling process. Custom printed pouches use a rotogravure printing process, ensuring all colors and designs are crisp and vibrant. By utilizing water-based inks, brands and consumers don’t have to worry about their food being contaminated or flavor altered by the packaging.

When it comes to keeping granola fresh, the old cardboard box simply doesn’t cut it anymore. Packaging serves as both the shield that defends a product and the megaphone that promotes and informs consumers about a brand.

After receiving her custom printed granola pouches, Amelia says she presented the product at a farmer’s market packaged both in the old stock pouches and the new custom printed packaging. The products were sold side by side, and yet not a single customer picked up the granola in the old plain stock pouch – each consumer chose the vibrant custom packaged granola, which Amelia says has helped strengthen awareness of her brand as well as her corporate image. Even if a business is just starting out, it can compete with the “big boys” by using highly personalized, professional-grade packaging that sets their product apart and reflects the same high quality and careful production that goes into the production of the goods themselves.


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