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Cereal and Granola Packaging Built for Your Brand

Banish the Box for Better Cereal and Granola Packaging

Cereal Packaging

Say goodbye to boxes: Bags are the better way to package your cereal and granola products. Stand up pouches save space, streamline inventory and shipping, preserve freshness, and provide ample opportunity to showcase your brand and tell your story. With such stiff competition, who wouldn’t want better looking packaging that works better, too?

Not all flexible packaging is created equal, of course. Cereal and granola packaging from StandUpPouches.net is guaranteed to be the highest quality at a very fair price. We make all of our bags for cereal and granola from multiple layers of barrier film that are laminated together to protect your product from puncture, moisture, light, odor, and other hazards. The other guys use only one layer, which just isn’t enough to stand up to the wear and tear of shipping and shelving.

Custom Packaging that Conserves the Crunch

Our stand up pouches do more than protect your product. We give you the freedom and flexibility to design 


and deliver unique packaging that showcases your product and your brand. Choose the size, style, and features that fit your requirements, then submit your own artwork or work with our graphic design team on a look that will grab your customers’ attention. Place your order, from 5,000 pieces up to 5 million, and in 6-12 weeks you’ll have packaged cereal and granola that stands out from the crowd.

Need great packaging, fast? Check out our online store for plain and stock pouches, available in a variety of colors and sizes to get your product on the shelves ASAP.




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