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Shipping and Logistics

Shipping Information

We want our customers to be fully prepared and educated about each phase of getting their custom printed packaging in their hands quickly and efficiently. An important, final step in this process is shipping and logistics.  

Understanding how the shipping and logistics process works requires a careful comprehension of exactly how a stand up pouch is made. Even after your artwork is approved, the time it takes to make your specific pouch will vary 


  1. Timeline for production shipping begins ONCE ARTWORK IS APPROVED — not once the order is placed.
  2. “Handling fee” on the original invoice is for just that: customs, duty, insurance and handling. Does not include transport costs for order.
  3. When considering transportation, there are two forms:  AIR and SEA/GROUND. Within those there is a variety of options that we can provide in order to meet your timeline and budget.


1. Airfreight from plant to your door
a) Fast air: 2-5 business days

b) Regular air: 5-10 business days 

2. Airfreight from plant to airport near you
a) You arrange transport from airport to  your door

b) You pick up from airport 

*Once it arrives at port, the process below takes about two weeks

  1. Plant sends order to be packed into cargo vessels that arrive to one of two ports: East coast port - NY (Gets sorted in NJ) or West coast port - Seattle (Gets sorted in Portland)
  2. The order clears customs at designated port,  travels to segregating warehouse and is sorted for pick up.
    a) We provide shipping quote. Once quote is approved/paid, the order is shipped to your doorstep through our broker

    b) You bring in your own carrier*
    c) You pick up the order (handled like bringing in your own carrier)
    d) We can expedite from port
*Click here for more details on bringing your own carrier

We assess each order and do our best to get it to you within your needs. For example, there is a customer who lives on an island. We had the order sent by rail to the nearest train station and they picked up the order there.


More Info On the ABC Packaging Direct Experience

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