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Shipping and Logistics

Shipping Information

We want our customers to be fully prepared and educated about each phase of getting their custom printed packaging in their hands quickly and efficiently. An important, final step in this process is shipping and logistics.  

Understanding how the shipping and logistics process works requires a careful comprehension of exactly how a stand up pouch is made. Even after your artwork is approved, the time it takes to make your specific pouch will vary 


  1. Timeline for production shipping begins ONCE ARTWORK IS APPROVED — not once the order is placed.
  2. “Handling fee” on the original invoice is for just that: customs, duty, insurance and handling. Does not include trucking cost from our warehouse to final delivery location.
  3. When considering transportation, there are two forms: AIR and SEA, then transported to your door by GROUND trucking. Within those there is a variety of options that we can provide in order to meet your timeline and budget.


Airfreight from our factory to your door:
a) Fast air: 3-5 business days

b) Regular air: 5-10 business days 
c) Can air freight to countries outside the U.S. direct from factory
d) Customers may pick up from our factory direct with their own freight forwarder.

*Once it arrives at port, the process below takes about two weeks

  1. Factory sends order to the China port, order is loaded into a shipping container and then sails on a traceable vessel to the Long Beach, Calif. port. We can also provide options for such ports as Norfolk, Savannah, New York, Baltimore or Miami per request. We have coverage no matter the ocean side!
  2. The order clears customs at designated port, travels to our segregating warehouse and is sorted for pick up.
    a) We provide shipping quotes with all the main carriers. Once quote is approved/paid, the order is shipped to your doorstep.

    b) You bring in your own carrier, and we can offer cost comparisons by providing you all the details for quoting purposes. Look at your options as we are making sure the details are worked out in an well-organized timeline.

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