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Video Testimonial: Trendsetter with Unique Pouch Styles


Every contemporary brand wants to stand out from the crowd and set their product line apart from the competition.

Launching new and exciting goods that have the ability to help move society forward and reshape entire industries is a feat most aspire to. However, getting people to have faith in your new product and a willingness to try it out requires careful strategizing and crafting the perfect visual messaging that entices others to try it out. The goal is to get consumers excited about your company and its offerings to the point that they make an effort to run out to the store to grab your product before it sells out. Much of this eagerness can be created by choosing product packaging that excites and delights and aids in the overall experience of enjoying your items. 

Chris, a small business owner, ran into a dilemma many companies face — he had a great product, but the packaging was stale and boring. He, like many others, stuck to the traditional way of packaging his items because that’s simply how it’s always been done. So many companies fall into this situation, where they think people will only seek out items packaged in the classic jars, cans, cartons, or boxes they’re used to because it’s comfortable and familiar. The truth it, today’s savvy shopper wants to be excited by the things they buy. They want to feel like the products they spend money on offer some kind of value and help make their lives easier and better. Unique food packaging has the ability to draw people in and turn everyday goods into fun, cool things consumers of all ages want to get their hands on. 

Putting himself in his hip and modern customer’s shoes, Chris went online to researchinteresting pouch styles that would speak to his target audience and take his product to the next level. He came across our products here at StandUpPouches.net, specifically stand up pouch styles that were being used in Europe and hadn’t yet reached the U.S.

In the video above, he mentions spotting pouch styles he hadn’t ever seen before or thought were possible. He strives to make his brand innovative and forward thinking, and by seeing these foreign packaging options that were exciting, creative, and expertly designed, he was inspired to break the mold and do something different. The large spouted pouches, in particular, caught his interest. Tiny pouches made with sleek and delicate rice paper stood out to him, as did printed kraft paper stand up pouches. 

The “weird” shapes and styles in this unique food packaging struck a nerve with him, and he wanted to get his hands on them so he could package his product in a way most American consumers hadn’t ever seen before. Aside from the stylistic qualities that make these stand up pouches so appealing, their structural elements are second to none. Using scientifically developed layers of film that are laminated together, these packaging options are able to stand upright on shelves just as well, if not better, than traditional jars, bottles, and boxes. Their pliable nature helps prevent breakage, leakage, or spills while keeping products protected from outside moisture, odor, light, bacteria, and other contaminants.

Chris was impressed by the fact that he didn’t have to order huge volumes of bags — he could purchase a small order of his selected custom packaging to show distributors and clients to gauge their opinion and wow them with such inventive options. Though he didn’t have the need or resources to order all of the new, unique food packaging styles, he did select a few, and he has found them to be some of his most popular sellers.

Packaging has the ability to set your products apart and allow your brand to stand out from the crowd. Shaking up traditional methods and embracing chic, modern, high-quality pouches shows consumers your brand is committed to setting trends and serving as a catalyst for positive change in your particular market.  


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