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16 Product Packaging Resolutions We Should All Make in 2016

16 product packaging promises for your brand:

1. Use recyclable packaging.

Recyclable Packaging

2. Update your design to the 2016th 'century.'

Updated Packaging

3. Quit buying packaging from your contract packager. 

Regaining Lost Margins CTA

4. Freshen up your brand with new packaging.


5. Stop using cardboard boxes for cereal!

6. Use spouted pouches for shampoo.


7. Say NO to glass jars. Stop making eating pickles so hard on your customers!

              cUq6K.png         31NZmOm0YZL.jpg

8. Stop killing trees for packaging.


9. Make packaging that is easy to take on-the-go!

         Convenient Packaging                        Barnana Pouches

10. Offer child-resistant packaging with new locking bags.

Child Resistant Packaging
11. Get rid of unnecessary, extraneous packaging.


12. Extend the shelf life of your product.


13. Use packaging as a tool to launch a revolutionary new product.


14. Reduce your carbon footprint, reuse, and recycle!

 Recycling eBook

15. Partner with a trusted supplier to keep your packaging needs handled in house.


16. Get your product line on the shelves of major retailers! 

Learn How to Supply to Walmart



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