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Choosing Unique Food Packaging for Unconventional Food 

Cricket Flour PouchWill edible insects be the hot new way consumers get their protein on the go?

It may sound gross, but chefs and food manufacturers alike are pushing bugs into the mainstream as a legitimate snack and cooking ingredient. According to Chef Michael McGreal, cricket flour can add flavorless nutrients to a variety of dishes, while mealworms can be prepared as an alternative to ground turkey or chicken. Because insect growth rates are high, and they’re easy to process, producers can quickly pump out new food products using this “alternative” source of protein. (Image Source: http://www.buggrub.com/)

Aquatic plants are another natural ingredient food companies are exploring as a new source of protein for those less inclined to nibble on insects. Because the process for making powders from bugs and exotic plants is not yet totally understood by consumers throughout the U.S., it’s important for manufacturers to be as transparent as possible on their unique product packaging. People – especially those with allergies or strict dietary restrictions – need to know what ingredients and additives are used to produce these unconventional products. Unique product packaging can help companies sell these goods while educating consumers about their many nutritional benefits.

A range of unique food packaging options is available to complement your non-traditional product offerings.

Your packaging should reflect the qualities of the product inside, so using a durable, lasting pouch with a unique design and structural materials can help keep your product branding cohesive. Producers of new edible products must decide if they want to market their products to health-conscious consumers, or use fun and outlandish graphics, colors, and text to spark curiosity and draw in adventurous eaters.

No matter which direction you choose in branding your unconventional food products, selecting product packaging that keeps items fresh and safe from outside contaminants is incredibly important. There are several unique product-packaging options available to suit your company’s needs:

Unique Spouted Pouches

Used primarily for liquids and oils, spouted pouches can be custom molded to fit any shape. This type of unique food packaging keeps products fresh with specially developed barrier film and a re-closable top for easy pouring. This type of packaging can even be produced in sizes larger than a gallon, making it perfect for fresh new varieties of beverages with imaginative ingredients.

Microwavable Film

Stand up pouches made with this material take the time and effort out of stovetop boiling and steaming. This type of microwave packaging can be used to quickly cook creative vegetable blends. Steam escapes the bag, resulting in a healthier method of preparing warm foods than frying or baking with a bunch of oils.

Retort Packaging

Also known as “cook-in-a-bag” packaging, these bags are made from a special film that can withstand high temperatures. Food in this unique product packaging is either raw or pre-cooked and put through a machine that allows the food to stay fresh for years. This is a great alternative to preserving food in metal cans or jars because it allows for eye-catching designs that stand out better against the pouch’s flat sides as opposed to a rigid cylindrical container.

Shaker Pouch

One of the more interactive forms of packaging, shaker pouches allow manufacturers to place a loose, granular product inside with the intention of being sprinkled out in small amounts through the packaging structure. The whole bag acts like a giant salt-and-pepper shaker – with an easy-hold handle up top, users can hold on to the bag and shake the product out from the bottom once the seal has been broken. This is a much better option than heavy boxes or bottles for loose products because it takes up less shelf space and is much lighter.

If you want to really sell customers on your unique new food offerings, choosing product packaging that strays from the norm can help. Selecting bags and pouches made from expertly developed materials will show customers your company is at the forefront of food innovation. This type of unique product packaging is user friendly, lends well to big, bold graphic designs, and is a superior option for adventurous, on-the-go lifestyles.

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