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Packaging Help Barnana Become a Health Food Industry Leader

by Mallory Fetchu | October 15, 2014 | 0 Comments | Client Success Stories

Imagine this, you’ve just signed deals with Whole Foods and Wegmans and they want your product on the shelves within the next 3 months. Now imagine this, you’ve got little to no product and haven’t even thought about the packaging. This happens more often than not, but as many companies have shown, it is possible to rise above these issues and create a healthy future for your brand. This is the true story of how Barnana got their start, and how packaging helped turn them into a leading brand in the health food industry.

Barnana’s Founder, Caue Suplicy, grew up in Curitiba, Brasil. One day his father brought home an old skylight and quickly realized it could be used as a natural dehydrator.  He tested the dehydrator out with fresh peeled bananas and they soon became a family favorite.  They were not only a healthy option, but they tasted sweet and lasted for months making them the perfect snack for all to enjoy.

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The Neat Foods Client Story Makes Us Hungry For More

by David Marinac | June 28, 2014 | 0 Comments | Client Success Stories
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Everyone Loves Bacon in Stand Up Pouches -- Except Pigs

by David Marinac | December 11, 2013 | 1 Comment | Client Success Stories

Kyle and Andrea, founders of Phoney Baloney’s, giggle and squeal at the sight of pigs the way most people react to puppies and human babies.  Did you know that pigs are known to dream, recognize their own names, and even learn tricks?  In fact, this past September Kyle and Andrea adopted their very first pig, Alicia.  What does this have to do with Phoney Baloney’s and just as important, what does this have to do with printed stand up pouches?  More than you think.

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Retail Packaging for Molly’s Suds: Cleaner Clothes & Planet

by David Marinac | December 9, 2013 | 0 Comments | Client Success Stories
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Bravo’s New Show Features the Tone It Up Fitness Gurus!

by David Marinac | December 9, 2013 | 0 Comments | Client Success Stories

Find out what goes on behind the scenes of the popular fitness community known as Tone It Up! View their new Bravo show called Toned Up, which airs on Thursdays at 10:30 p.m. / 9:30 p.m. Central Time.

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The Neat Foods Client Story Makes Us Hungry for More

by David Marinac | November 5, 2013 | 0 Comments | Food Packaging, Client Success Stories
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Pizza in Pouch Packaging: Stand Up Pouches Makes It Possible

by David Marinac | October 3, 2013 | 0 Comments | Client Success Stories
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How Pouch Packaging Scored a Spot at The Year's Emmy Awards

by David Marinac | August 28, 2013 | 0 Comments | Client Success Stories

Move over Monique Lhuillier. There’s a whole new outfit rocking this year’s red carpet, at the 65th Emmy Awards… and we’re not talking tulle. Stand-up pouches—made from flexible, barrier film layers—will steal the show when celebs open their Emmy swag bags in September. That’s because stand-up pouches are the preferred packaging of Pooki’s Mahi, a premium tea and coffee distributor, recently selected as one of two dozen retailers who will fill the Emmy swag bags. Why are we so excited? Our friends at Pooki’s Mahi are great partners, offering unique and award-winning products that consumers (and evidently, celebrities) crave. We recently helped Pooki’s Mahi develop stand-up pouch packaging with quality printing, ziplocks and tear notches for re-sealable use. We’re thrilled to congratulate Pooki’s Mahi on this major accomplishment. We’re also glad to have played a role in their packaging story.  

Watch the video below on Pooki’s Mahi and read the press release for further details.

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NaturVet Chooses Pouch Packaging To Get Serious

by David Marinac | June 13, 2013 | 0 Comments | Client Success Stories

Have you seen the latest press release? NaturVet’s recent television ad features custom packaging from our team at SUP. The commercial is great, the product is amazing… StandUpPouches is proud to share the stage with these guys!

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SOS Makes a Splash on The Wall Street Journal

by David Marinac | May 27, 2013 | 0 Comments | Client Success Stories

SOS is going to be drawn in the sand from coast to coast this summer; people are not looking for a rescue they are looking for SOS Hydration Inc. This re-hydrating drink has become increasingly popular which has become apparent in The Wall Street Journal when SOS was featured in their article.
The healthy living movement has increased the need for hydrating drinks, helping people to go the distance without becoming dehydrated.
This re-hydrating drink is packaged in www.standuppouches.net pouches for convenient consumption. From the Stand Up Pouch team we wish SOS much success for the future.
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