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Increasing Use of Inexpensive Eco FriendlyBags

Colorful Spouted Pouches

When it comes to product packaging, today's beverage companies are under a tremendous amount of pressure.

Concerns about the environmental impact of disposed plastic bottles and aluminum cans are forcing manufacturers to rethink the way they package and present their beverages to consumers. Some retailers are even banning plastic bottles in stores and encouraging customers to purchase reusable beverage containers. If this trend is adopted worldwide, beverage companies will suffer. How can they build a brand if consumers don’t see their packaging?  

As a result of these concerns, there has been increased demand for flexible retail packaging in the beverage market. Stand up pouches with spout are the perfect alternative to bulky bottles and cans that litter streets and waterways and create piles of waste in landfills. Flexible beverage packaging is strong, puncture resistant and highly user friendly. Capri Sun Big Pouch

Because there is a wide range of spout or tap options available to dispense the liquid inside, beverage companies can choose the right structure to suit the product’s needs so it’s easy for customers to get to. Spouted pouches are easy to handle and pour, resulting in less wasted product. They are resealable, which means less trash, and consumers can save time and money by purchasing large pouches full of their favorite beverage instead of opting for single-serve cans, for example. 

This specific type of flexible retail packaging costs much less to produce and generates a significantly smaller amount of CO2 during production and shipment. The light weight of the liquid bags with spout means less fuel is burned during transportation, and the flexibility of the package allows large quantities to be shipped to beverage producers at one time. Stand up pouches with spout are 100 percent recyclable and are made from strong layers of scientifically developed, food grade, FDA-approved film.

These beverage containers are the smarter choice for health-conscious, eco-friendly consumers who are concerned with avoiding wasted product – and wasted dollars.

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For producers, a great reason to use stand up pouches with spout for beverages is that they allow brands to really shine on retail shelves. Think of them as an alternative to a display or sign – the pouches’ flat surfaces proudly display the beverage company’s branding better than a cylindrical bottle or can. Companies can opt to package their liquids in stand up pouches without a spout, which allows for more space to incorporate creative designs and branding. Choosing spouted pouches is, however, the recommended option for larger quantities of a beverage, as the un-spouted versions are better used for single-serve drinks – think of those as “next-generation juice boxes” like Capri Sun.

No matter what type of beverage your company offers, whether it’s wine, sports drinks, water, or even a thicker liquid like pureed fruits or vegetables, liquid bags with spout are the No. 1 environmentally friendly alternative to traditional bottles, jars, and cans.They’re easy on consumers’ wallets, too, and they keep liquids fresher longer. Retailers love them because they’re easy to move and place on store shelves or at the ends of aisles. As environmental and economic awareness grows among producers and consumers alike, we can expect to see more brands adopting stand up pouches with spout as their preferred beverage packaging.

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