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Flexible Pouches for Fruit Juice

Fruit Juice Packaging

So why should you go with a fruit juice stand up pouch from us? There are a multitude of reasons so grab some popcorn and relax while we get into the details. Our liquid pouches differ from that of most fruit juice brands because many of them use glass bottles. Let's face it: our environment needs our help. Relying on a glass bottle when it could be replaced by a fruit juice stand up pouch that is easier to recycle is just not a good, environmentally conscious idea. We have the chance to reduce our waste, so let's bring in a new era together.

Some assume that fruit juice pouches would keep the juice less protected compared to glass bottles. This isn't the case with our pouches. We use multiple layers of barrier film to keep the juice fresh and safe from punctures, odors, moisture, UV light, and air. These layers of film are actually why our pouches are able to stand up on their own. Without each of the layers, our packaging wouldn't surpass that of competitors. It's hard to find that kind of sturdiness in mostliquid bag packaging. Luckily, you've stumbled upon the right place.

Stylish Liquid Pouches

Our liquid bag packaging goes beyond your typical plain fruit juice pouches. We give you the option to custom print your own artwork on the wide front and back of the pouches. Once your designs are submitted and approved, you'll receive your order of at least 5,000 custom bags within 6-12 weeks. If you want to go with one of our stock designs for your liquid bag packaging, that works too. You can browse our store, choose the bag you like, and then decide on the color and size you want. The customization doesn't stop there, however, as we let you add features to truly make your liquid pouches your own. Our features include pour spouts (which are particularly great for juice), hang holes, tear notches, heavy duty zipper tops, and gas release valves. 

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