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Sourcing Medical Supplies From China--Coronavirus or Covid 19 or Not

The Coronavirus and Covid 19 has everyone scrambling for available medical supplies like N95 masks, surgical gloves, eyewear and even hand sanitizer.  The problem is the US suppliers have dried up and now they are looking overseas to fill the void.  As a company well versed in sourcing globally, this can either work seamlessly or become a disaster.

Covid rapid test kits and global sourcing

Don't get me wrong, we are not being a "Debbie Downer" we've just seen this happen time and time again with flexible retail packaging and other items that we source globally for our US and North American customers.  However, the Covid 19 situation has the dangerous combination of incredible demand, some (not all) some companies willing to cut corners, and suppliers looking to make a "fast buck."

CN 95 Masks from China

I wanted to put together some information that I hope you find useful.  By no means am I suggesting long delays in information such as pricing and availability, but I am suggesting you take the time to find a "partner" who can help you avoid the pitfalls of sourcing globally.  

Thermometer from global supplier in China

We've spent 20 years perfecting a process...and that process involves having our own staff and team on the ground at the factory level to visit, vet, and inspect our suppliers...whether than be packaging or in this case, medical supplies.  To be clear, we DO have access to these supplies and please use the various HELP buttons and forms to let us know what you are looking for.  However, we are not going to just list a bunch of items for sale on our website UNTIL we have taken the time to get Quality Certification...that has been traced back to the certification agency (there is a way to trace this), even samples.  The last thing we will ever do is sell product that we cannot stand behind 100%.

hand sanitizer from global supply chain

Please be careful...we all want the same thing...this stupid virus to go away but in the meantime we will do whatever we can to source the products and supplies our customers, hospitals, and companies need.

Here are the different pieces I've put together on this blog post that I hope you find beneficial.  We are here to help.

Again, global sourcing from China or any country for that matter will work, just don't go it alone.  

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