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When Sourcing Globally Boots On The Ground WINS Every Single Time

The key difference between the "big boys" in any industry, and those who are always one step behind when dealing with offshore suppliers, is the fact that the latter does not have what is referred to as "boots on the ground."

The "big boys" have their own people overseas that represent them directly.

Your "boots on the ground" will have the time and manpower to do inline inspections, spot checks for quality and product integrity, and then handle whatever else is needed to assure production is done properly and the order is shipped on time. Otherwise, without your own "boots on the ground," companies are forced to hire third-party testing and inspection facilities like lntertek, SGS or BV.

These facilities are expensive, difficult to manage from another country and risky. Do they really comprehend and understand what you want done, tested and reviewed?

This is also part of a Pillar Page regarding Covid 19 virus and medical supplies

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