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Grocery Shopping: Succeeding With Kraft Stand Up Pouches

Online Grocery Shopping

As retail giants battle their way to the top of customers’ lists, Walmart is spending billions to bring online grocery shopping to the forefront.

Test markets show that one in four online grocery shoppers are new to Walmart, indicating that the new option may bring in a threshold of new customers.

Online grocery shopping is certainly a game changer in the world of food marketing, and eventually it will require a shift in your marketing strategy. Transitioning your food brand from store shelf to Walmart’s digital grocery platform can present challenges, but adaptation is key to succeeding in this new era.

This adaptation will likely involve a new packaging strategy. For example, packaging may need to be downsized in order to take up less space during delivery. Food packaging will also need to be durable for an increased rate of transportation. Kraft stand up pouches are scalable to fit the size that’s right for your product, and they’re as durable as they are flexible. You won’t run the risk of rips and tears in your packaging before it reaches your customer’s front door.

Why Your Customers Benefit From Online Grocery Shopping

As Walmart raises the bar by bringing the convenience of online grocery shopping to your customers, it’s important to understand why your customers would choose this option in the first place.

  • Grocery shopping online saves time. The Hartman Group suggests that 39% of people choose to shop for groceries online do so to save time.
  • Consumers are looking to save money. Furthermore, 36% of people who shop online choose this option to save money.
  • Consumers also want to save on driving and gas, with 27% of consumers shopping digitally so they can skip the trek to the store.
  • Shoppers want large quantities, with 15% of online grocery shoppers ordering products in bulk.

What Does This Mean For Food Manufacturers?

It comes as no surprise that shoppers are looking for convenience when it comKraft Stand Up Poucheses to shopping for groceries. This is especially the case for people who dread the weekly trip to the grocery store and want to avoid long lines. Brick-and-mortar grocery shopping won’t be obsolete any time soon, but it’s hard to deny that shopping trends are changing.

This means that food marketers need to be prepared to roll with the changes and keep up with consumer demands — and that includes taking a closer look at your product packaging.

The Challenges of Digital Grocery Shopping

While companies shift their packaging approach to accommodate online grocery shopping, there are several other challenges that brands will likely face:

  1. Customers won’t be able to feel the quality of your packaging before they purchase. They’ll only be able to rely on a photo of your packaging (or possibly even video in the future).
  1. You’ll have to heavily rely on aesthetic appeal. If it’s been a while since you’ve evaluated the effectiveness of your artwork, consider taking a second look.
  1. Your packaging’s texture is hard to translate over a digital screen. However, kraft paper used in kraft stand up zipper pouch bags has a natural textural appearance, which will give customers a good idea of your packaging’s look and feel.
  1. Showcasing food texture on a digital platform can also be a challenge, but kraft stand up pouches with window will give customers a small glimpse of what’s inside.
  1. You might have to rely on brand recognition more than you do at the store. Think about a time that you found a mystery brand online — were you hesitant to make a purchase? Even though this particular supplier is Walmart, customers still need to have some form of trust in your brand.

Adjusting to The Digital Grocery Era

It can be difficult for customers to judge the credibility of your company against a competitor through a computer screen. This entails building a strong and recognizable food brand, which can be accomplished with a smart food packaging strategy. 

As we learn about consumer trends in the digital grocery market, we’ll be able to cater to our food brand partners to create the best packaging solutions possible. Kraft stand up pouches can be part of your solution with their durability, flexibility, and capability to protect a variety of products.

(Image Source: Newsnish, Beanbox.co)

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