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Shaking up Healthy Snacking With Kraft Stand Up Pouches

All Natural Jerky in Kraft Bag

The demand for natural and organic foods is on the rise, and the trend of healthy snacking is trailing right behind.

It’s hard to deny that health-conscious customers are paving a new path for more healthful snacking. From almonds to natural chocolates, your customers are looking for nutritious snack options now more than ever before.

Healthy snacking has become so mainstream that even big companies like Wal-Mart are offering organic and affordable snack options. Kroger and Whole Foods are other contenders, offering a variety of healthy snack options for their customers.

What’s the drive behind healthy snacking? Research data from IRA suggests 41 percent of consumers believe snacks are a part of a healthy eating plan. Furthermore, consumers are looking for snacks that offer nutritional value as well as an energy boost. Everyone knows that when you eat healthy, you feel better and have more energy. Healthy snacking is the perfect way for customers to stay on track with a busy lifestyle without resorting to energy-zapping foods.

The Benefits of Kraft Stand Bags During Busy Snack Times

You already know that your customers are busy people. With this information in mind, you can easily cater to their healthy snacking requests and demands for convenience with kraft stand up pouches. Kraft stand up bags are highly portable and can be taken to the office, left in the car for quick snacking, or packed into a book bag to carry around campus.

Speaking of campus, college-aged and millennial consumers are big advocates of healthy snacking. They often look for high protein snack options that are easy to eat while on the go. They’re also looking for new flavors and natural options that are portable and easy to eat.

On-the-go snacking is in demand, and that means healthy snacks need to be properly re-sealed to lock in freshness.

Banana Chips in Kraft Stand Up Pouch

Fresher Snacking Options

Stand up bags are famous for keeping food fresh, and kraft pouches deliver the same value. Kraft stand up zipper pouch bags seal in quality freshness of healthy snack foods with heat sealers. After the consumer has opened the bag and enjoyed their scrumptious snack, they can easily reseal with a convenient zip lock feature built right into the pouch. The next time that they have a craving for healthy snack foods, they’ll never need to question the freshness.

Kraft Bags Enhance Your Snack’s Organic Message

What better way to package healthy and organic snacks than with natural kraft paper? Kraft bags appeal to those looking for natural, healthy treats with its texture and quality. While you can print any message or pattern on plastic packaging, kraft paper gives your snack product a wholesome look and feel. 

With big brands like Aldi, Wal-Mart, and Trader Joes looking to increase their inventory on healthier foods, your company will grab their attention right away with kraft stand up pouches. Kraft pouches with window will also enhance your image by perfectly showcasing the products inside the packaging, from crunchy trail mix to granola.

Getting Inside The Mind of Healthy Snack Eaters

Consumers who eat healthy snacks have a different mindset than other snack lovers. This demographic believes brand and price are equally as important when it comes to their snack food, and they are less likely to tell others about their favorite products.

This means that brands need to make a big impression on the healthy snack demographic, and offer a valuable product with unique packaging to keep consumers coming back for more. Big companies can leverage their name with healthy snack lovers, but small and new businesses will have to work hard to earn trust with new customers.

Kraft stand up pouches with window are a solution to creating a recognizable brand and begin making a name for your company with healthy snack eaters. Although this style of packaging is becoming increasingly popular, there’s room in the market to set your company apart with kraft stand up bags. Your natural product will stand up (and out) on the store shelf, making a memorable impression on potential customers.

(Image Sources: Farm to People, AbesMarket.com)

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