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Kraft Stand Up Pouches: Sustainable Solutions for Your Product

Recyclable_Kraft_Bags-1.jpgThese days, millennials — a highly targeted consumer market — are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious. This large customer base is on the lookout for products that offer the very best for themselves and their families. These savvy shoppers seek out companies value “green” practices and take mindful action to make the world a more sustainable place to live for their own generation and generations to follow. 

What better way to reach this key group of decision makers than to secure your product in eco-friendly packaging? There’s no doubt you want your product to stand out among the hundreds of goods lining the aisles of supermarkets and stores across the globe.

You asked for a package that will keep your product secure while catching the eye of the consumer, and you got it. Kraft stand up pouches are an Earth-friendly solution to properly enclose your snacks, coffee, tea, treats and other wholesome items. The natural appearance conveys to the consumer that you care not only about the quality of your product, but also about sustainability and social good. 

What makes Kraft stand up pouches a standout option for you and your business is the clear oval window that offers a sneak peek inside so customers know exactly what they are purchasing. This high-quality bag is available in three unique sizes — 4oz, 8oz and 1lb — to suit your specific needs.

Krafts stand up pouches are the perfect solution for keeping your product fresh due to its heat-sealable top. Their top tear notch makes each stand up pouch simple to open, so your customers can enjoy your offerings without complication. Purchase more than one case to receive a special discount rate on these natural-looking, high-quality Kraft stand up pouches today. 

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