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Seasonal Product Packaging with Digital Printed Prototypes

Seasonal Coffee Packaging

Though it appears the mainstream media has moved on to more pressing matters, the Starbucks red holiday cup controversy is still making headlines.

No matter which side of the fence you’re on about the coffee company’s new seasonal cup design, there’s no denying the power and presence of product packaging and the effect it can have on customers’ brand loyalty.

Starbucks obviously isn’t the first company to release limited-time holiday packaging to help launch new seasonal flavors and get consumers excited about festivities in the cold weather months. Big-name brands like Coca-Cola and M&Ms are known for introducing new package designs with snowflakes, ornaments, and other Christmas-themed graphics and colors during the winter season.Starbucks Via Christmas Pouch

These days, brands are at a huge advantage attracting customers with fun, special edition product packaging, perfect for themed parties or getting customers in the holiday spirit. New technology allows brands to push these products out in a shorter amount of time. Digital printing helps brands test new markets and personalize their product packaging (think Coca-Cola’s successful Share A Coke” campaign) without high costs or long wait times.

At StandUpPouches.net, we partner with brands to help them test new designs on their product packaging in a timely fashion. Our digital printed prototypes are finished, functional packages driven by time and need. Companies can request to run small amounts of stand up pouches so they can put out a promotional holiday sale. These prototypes allow businesses to hold their special new product packaging in their hands before it hits store shelves. 

Companies can order as few as one prototype, or up to several thousand, and can choose from a selection of packaging materials that include clear, metalized, and foil laminates. We work with clients to add in all the additional elements that make their product packaging functional and user friendly, including reclosable zippers, tear notches, hang holes, spouts, and/or handles.


This is a perfect solution for businesses during the design process. We know brands work hard to come up with creative, eye-catching graphics and text, but actually holding the product packaging in your hands is a whole different experience. If it’s not resonating with you, it’s not going to grab customers’ attention at the point of sale.

While stock flexible packaging certainly has its benefits, custom printed pouches are the way to go if you want to really catch shoppers’ attention as they complete their holiday shopping. This type of packaging lends well to bold, water-based inks, vibrant graphics, high-quality photography, and distinctive logos and text. We’re able to supply samples of our pouches and put the control in your company’s hands to make your very own 3D-rendered, personalized custom printed pouch online at your convenience. You can also upload artwork ideas and sketches you’ve been working on, and we’ll be able to get your holiday packaging project rolling right away.

We know time is of the essence, especially with limited-edition designs, and each company has its own product packaging needs that must be met.

Taking advantage of new digital printing technologies and prototypes allows brands to have fun and explore different options with the structure and visual motif of their product packaging. There’s even a chance these rare, seasonal products could become collectors’ items in the future. It starts with testing out new solutions with product packaging and making prototypes an essential part of the design process.

(Image Sources: Square One Design, Bevrerage Industry)


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