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Art Specifications


Please name your file(s) with your company/product name and the date, i.e. Your_Company_Best_Trail_Mix_9-22-2015.ai This will ensure maximum efficiency and accuracy when working with your file(s). Adobe Illustrator CS5 files preferred.


Please be aware that upon reviewing your art, our production plant may require you to add a 2 mm border to the left and right sides of your pouch art (inset from the cut edge of the pouch), particularly if your pouch’s background is not a consistent color. This border may be a solid color found within your art, or white, or the base material of the pouch (metallic or clear). This 2 mm border allows compensation for any slight shifting of the pouches as they are produced on our high-speed lines, and guarantees consistent and quality pouches every time. Your Project Manager will let you know if your art needs the border.


Clear windows should be indicated on a separate layer in a bright color that is not found in your artwork, typically Magenta 100% or Cyan 100%, with the words “Clear Window” in the window shape. 


Please be aware that artwork designed to print in CMYK may require additional PMS spot cylinders to print correctly on pouch film. Small text and graphics cannot be printed in process colors and will be printed in spot colors to ensure quality and legibility that would be compromised to mis-registration. It is highly recommended that spot colors be used whenever possible. Choose PMS colors from the Pantone Solid Coated Plus swatch library. If you need help choosing spot PMS colors we can assist you. Process colors work well for photographic images. 


Vector formats work best for barcodes. For more information, please refer to
As long as you provide the complete UPC number and put a UPC placeholder on your artwork file, our plant can generate and test your specific barcode.


Knock-out areas (other than clear windows) should be indicated on a separate artboard in your file which (usually) represents the white under-printing cylinder.* Indicate those areas that do not require white under-printing (the areas that “knock-out” to the substrate of the pouch) as being subtracted from the white print area; on this artboard, the white ink is indicated as a solid color. (See example below.)

***NOTE: The white cylinder is omitted in certain circumstances, such as on a metallic pouch when the appearance of colored metallic inks is desired and there are no areas of white ink on the pouch.


Matte or gloss varnishes should be indicated on a separate artboard in your file which represents the varnish cylinder. Indicate the shapes/areas to be coated. (See example below.)  





Lisa Dabramo
Graphic Support Supervisor

Lisa Dabramo Graphic Support Supervisor 






Smoked Salmon Jerky Packaging

   For Full Artwork Set-Up and Submission Guide including Template Types and Usage.... CLICK HERE!

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