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YEEZY Fashion Show Invitations in Vacuum Sealer Bags

YEEZY Jackets in Vacuum Sealer Bags

It’s been hard to avoid news about Kanye West lately — from his outlandish Twitter rants to hype over his new album (will it be called “Swish,” “Waves” or “T.L.O.P”?), the rapper/designer is certainly making headlines.

While much anticipation is building for his new music to drop, something a bit different caught our eye. West and his team will be debuting a new collection of his YEEZY fashion line, with an innovative type of invitation being distributed in New York City the same day his album is released.

The fashion show invites are designed as jackets that are individually packaged in vacuum sealer bags that push out oxygen and keep the product inside protected from harmful external elements. While shrink bags are typically used for food products, the designer isn’t one to typically think or execute ideas in a traditional manner. Using food saver vacuum bags for apparel is an inventive way to ensure the goods inside are safe and retain their high quality, even when coming in contact with outside air, moisture, odor, or other contaminants. 

The YEEZY team planned to vacuum seal 3,000 windbreaker jackets that serve as exclusive invitations to carefully selected fashion show guests. West and his crew accomplished this same feat last year, folding each Tyvek jacket into a small square and packing them in shrink bags. The team purchased special machines and corresponding food saver vacuum bags, covering up the “food saver” logo with silver tape. The clear bags show off both the color of the apparel, as well as the YEEZY logo emblazoned on each jacket.

Below the logo is printed text that one would find on a traditional paper invitation, but this time the font appears on the jacket itself. Because vacuum sealer bags are lightweight, transparent, pliable and durable enough to withstand outside damage, guests can get a “teaser” of the individual invitation before even opening the bag, and the company can ensure the jackets remain intact without risk of damage to the garment.

West is pulling out all the stops for the launch of his 7th studio album and new YEEZY collection, from premiering his new music during the fashion line’s season three presentation in Madison Square Garden, to streaming the extravaganza in theaters around the world. With so much on his plate, contracting his packaging goals out to a trusted packing expert would have been the best solution.

An efficient co-packer or packaging supplier is able to accomplish both short runs and bulk orders of materials that need packaged quickly in preparation for big events such as a fashion show or music release. When an artist or entrepreneur plans to debut a new product, partnering with a trusted packer cannot be overlooked. Your packaging partner will work to accomplish your goals in the timeframe you require, using the highest-quality, scientifically developed materials on the market.

We applaud West’s innovative use of shrink wrap bags for food to keep his jackets well protected without the bulk, heft, or dullness of a standard box. Brands ranging from food, to pet products, and now even fashion are embracing flexible packaging, like stand up pouches, shrink bags, and flexible box bags, to present their products in the very best light and take their businesses to the next level.

(Photo courtesy of Heron Preston)

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