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Saving The Frozen Food Market with Vacuum Sealer Bags

Frozen Strawberries in Vacuum Sealer Bags

Brands in the frozen food market may be innovating their product offerings at a steady pace, but the industry still needs a little help to get back on its feet.

Frozen food sales totaled approximately $50 billion in the U.S. last year, which is slightly down from sales in 2013. Frozen pizzas and snacks remain the top contender for revenue in this market, yet overall purchases are still falling short across the country.

The frozen food industry emerged during the 1930s and was a revolutionary way for companies to offer quick meals that required little effort for busy families. The market was mostly saturated with TV dinners, but options began expanding from these prepackaged meals to the vegetables and snacks that we’re familiar with today.

One of the culprits of the decline in frozen food sales during recent years is an overarching consumer preference for fresh foods. As the general population becomes more aware and concerned about sodium levels and calories, they’re turning to farmer’s markets and meat markets to get the freshest products possible.

How can frozen food companies compete in a world where fresher means better?

Food Saver Vacuum Bags Lock in Food Freshness and Quality

Your customers may be concerned about eating frozen foods, but vacuum sealer bags are able to lock in the freshness that they love without deteriorating quality, flavor, color, or texture. Although the health conscious crowd is aware that frozen vegetables are processed, there’s a list of fruits and vegetables that can be frozen with shrink wrap bags for food while still remaining a healthy choice.

When customers buy items off the store shelf or freezer aisle, it can be a roll of the dice if that product is truly considered fresh. Fresh fruits and vegetables can lose up to 45 percent of their nutritional value while in transportation to the grocery store. When brands opt to freeze fruits or vegetables with food saver vacuum bags, they are able to lock in the food’s nutrients and taste to keep customers satisfied.

Frozen Fruit

When packaged using flexible, protective shrink bags, vegetables are harvested and frozen when they’re at their peak of freshness. Your customers won’t have to play guessing games and wonder how your product is going to taste after thawing, since the quality of your frozen product will remain consistent.

Vacuum sealer bags are also able to withstand a variety of temperature variations without impacting the product inside. No matter how cold the freezer gets at the store or your customers’ homes, your frozen food product will remain well protected.

Shrink Wrap Bags for Food Bring Additional Benefits

Companies large and small are freezing food products span go beyond fruits and vegetables. For example, some brands are freezing cookie dough to produce a more consistent product. Steady temperatures allow for a better product in terms of quality, which is achievable with the help of vacuum sealer bags.

Saving the frozen food industry starts with offering nutritious options that maintain their quality in the freezer, when thawed, and cooked in various meals. Shrink bag wraps for food also offer the elements of convenience at an affordable price, compared to the world of fresh food. Grocery stores attempt to bridge the gap by offering pre-sliced vegetables and pre-cooked meals hot from the deli, but there’s a small window of optimal freshness for their customers. This can ultimately lead to wasted money for both consumers and grocery stores.

Frozen food products are a cost effective method for offering healthy meal alternatives. Fresh produce and organic meats can cost your customers a pretty penny, but your frozen product allows customers to have healthy dining options within their budget.

The Future of the Frozen Food Market: Health Conscious, Cash Conscious

It’s no secret that the quality demand of frozen food from consumers has changed since the 1930s, but this doesn’t mean that the industry is facing certain death. The frozen food market still has a lot to offer, such as more flavor variety, healthy meal options, and even organic products.

Better pricing, combined with fresh-tasting options, will keep the industry competitive on the market, and customers will come back for more. Protect your frozen product with vacuum sealer bags and lock in taste, quality, and value that your customers won’t forget.

(Image Sources: Studio Kitchen, FoodSaver)


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