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Why is Cereal Packaged in Cardboard?

Cereal PackagingCereals are mostly packaged in recycled cardboard. Therefore one of the reasons why cardboard is used for cereal packaging is recyclability, as it reduces the strain on the environment and keeps packaging costs low. However, there is a downside to using recyclable cereal cardboard boxes, as recent studies into the safety of packaging cereals in cardboard boxes have shown. These studies show that the use of these boxes increases the risk of contamination, and thus leaves us vulnerable to cancer and other diseases.

In 2011, a group of Swiss researchers carried out a study on the safety of cereal boxes they collected from store shelves in Germany. Their conclusion was that nearly 30 per cent of the boxes caused contaminants to seep into the food – bypassing the protective inner plastic layers. They found that the amount of contaminants found in cereals was over the agreed level. They found ink and mineral oils were the main sources of contaminants. The research also showed that thicker inner walls can keep food safe from contaminants, but they cost more.

Another reason for the use of cardboard boxes in the packaging of cereals is its supposed user-friendliness. These boxes are said to be easy to carry and use. We are not aware of any studies done into this, but experience with stand up bags has shown that these food pouches are more user friendly as compared to cardboard boxes. Stand up bags with zip locks are easy to use. Side gussets can add protection without adding redundant empty space that cereal boxes are infamous for. Single-use stand up bags filled with nitrogen gas can provide an effective protection against external shocks – and all this for a lesser price.

As far as safety is concerned, StandUpPouches.net's stand up bags are made from food grade FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved materials. Unlike several other kinds of recyclable cereal cardboard boxes, these pouches are contaminant-free. The quality manufacturing process used here at Stand Up Pouches ensures that our products are safe for food packaging of all kinds. Our custom printed stand up bags are made from several layers of laminate material. Together these layers provide ample protection for your product. Accessories like zip locks and spouts increase user-friendliness of these pouches. As far as the environment is concerned, stand up bags are landfill friendly. In other words they are a greener option compared to many other packaging methods. And despite offering so many advantages, they are cheaper to produce, transport, and store.



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