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This Hook-to-Hook Closure For Flexible Packaging Has It All


You might think you’re limited to rip-open, zip-up, or fold shut closures for flexible packaging. Think again. Innovative hook-to-hook closures (think Velcro, but two spiky sides and no fuzzy side) secure the package in a fast, convenient, and intuitive way — and with responsive sensory feedback for the consumer.

At ABC Packaging Direct — Stand Up Pouches, we’re amazed at the Easylock system by Aplix®. This is the first patented hook-to-hook closure system for flexible packaging, and it’s especially well suited to packaging for all of your granular or powder products. It's also much easier to clear out any particulates that get stuck in the hook track than with a standard zip.

Stop Fiddling With Zipper Tracks

Traditional zipper closure systems can be a pain. You know what it’s like trying to fuss with the package to get the tracks to line up perfectly…only to discover the two sides are slightly off and pull apart as soon as you tip the package and spill the contents everywhere.

Easylock by Aplix® doesn’t need to be precisely aligned to seal. In fact, it closes securely even when the hook area is contaminated with powders, crumbs, or other fatty or dry particulates. 

Eco-Friendly Recyclable Closure!

Sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging options are important to your customers, and Easylock doesn’t throw any wrenches in the works. This is a 100% recyclable LDPE plastic pouch closure system accredited by Trex®. Use it on recyclable stand up pouches and keep the whole package eco-conscious, just the way your consumers, retailers, and product companies prefer.

Peace of Mind For Your Customers

The distinct sensory features of Easylock let consumers know the package is closed properly every time. Both audible and tactile signals enhance the sense of closure and give your customers confidence that the contents of the package are securely sealed in. The reliable pouch closure system works on both smaller on-the-go pouches for snacks and larger, heavier flexible packaging for detergents, flour, and protein powders.

Performs Perfectly With Virtually Any Dry Product

We’ve seen this Aplix® system in action across many product areas, and it’s got our ringing endorsement for diverse applications. Use Easylock for:

  • Flours, spices, confectioner’s sugar
  • Protein and supplement powders
  • Cereals, snacks, granola
  • Cheese
  • Grains, rice, and dry pasta
  • Pet foods and treats
  • Cookies and crackers
  • Home products (bath salt, soap flakes, powdered detergent)
  • Garden products (fertilizer, soil, plant food)

Take Aplix Easylock For a Test Run!

We’ve got samples to show and send you so that you can get a closer look before you give it a try! Our overseas factories at ABC Packaging Direct — Stand Up Pouches can and will run much smaller orders that the domestic U.S. would never touch. Run an order of just 5,000 pieces and test Easylock out on a limited product run, see the results, and go from there.

This is the perfect innovative pouch closure system to add some flair to your latest flexible packaging design while making it easier and more convenient for your customers. Contact us today for more info, samples, or a quote!


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