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Cereal Packaging Report 2017

Stand Up Pouches - Product Packaging Done Right

Side Gusseted Pouch Stand Up Bags

Posted by David Marinac

Stand up bags, otherwise known as stand up pouches are traditional pouches with a supporting gusset at the bottom, enabling the bag to stand up erect. The advantages of these types of bags are largely dependent on the kind of usage that they normally see. However, a relatively new design is doing the rounds these days. This pouch goes by the name of ‘side gusset pouch’.

The novel and revolutionary design element makes it a potential game changer in the packaging industry. The side gusset bag has an unconventional gusset on the side. This lets the bag to be made out of nearly 12% less film to enable holding a greater volume in almost the same area. Put a ziplock at the top and it is ideal for the food and beverage packaging industry.

The design of the side gusset pouch will ensure that it stands up properly on the shelf. Moreover, it is a marketing dream come true with nearly five faces to place advertising graphics. A stand up pouch, irrespective of its design, is made out of several layers of specially engineered barrier film. These barrier bags can thus keep the product fresh for a longer period of time. The product stays protected from external forces that act to destroy its freshness.

Available in a variety of colors and sizes, stand up pouches are the most effective when you need to ship sensitive products.