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How Flexible Retail Packaging Can Save Palcohol’s Reputation

Palcohol – it’s both a hot new buzzword in the beverage industry and a product ripe with controversy.

Palcohol(Image Source: http://money.cnn.com/2015/03/12/smallbusiness/palcohol-powdered-alcohol/)


Despite powdered alcohol gaining approval by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau this past spring, 12 states in the U.S. still ban the sale of this new product. The concern lies in the fact that consumers could purchase this powdered alcohol and use it to secretly spike drinks, or add it to beverages with a higher percentage of alcohol, resulting in a potentially dangerous combination. Its portability and ease of use could also lead to binge drinking, especially among underage consumers.

Powdered drinks have certainly become a mainstay in grocery stores and homes, as this dry form of iced tea, lemonade, and even energy drinks is available in flexible retail packaging that can be easily carried and transported. All consumers have to do is add the powder to water, give it a stir, and a tasty beverage has been created. Palcohol runs on the same principles, and there will undoubtedly be new rules and regulations enacted to ensure consumers’ safety in states where this product is currently available.

No matter what kind of powdered drink producers are placing on retail shelves, proper beverage mix packaging is vital for communicating both its safety and ingredients to shoppers.

Spouted stand bags can work for both dry and liquid beverage mixes, with multiple laminated layers of barrier film protecting the quality and freshness of the product inside. This type of flexible retail packaging keeps out odor, moisture, UV light, and air, ensuring the quality of the beverage mix will not be compromised.

Flexible retail packaging has become a widely used solution for producers of products made to be consumed on the go. The packaging’s strong barrier protects products from the elements and are light and flexible enough to be easily transported by travelers and busy consumers. The idea around Palcohol is similar – it’s for outdoorsy, active people who don’t want to travel with bulky, breakable alcohol containers. Spouted stand bags and Palcohol are a perfect pair because they’re portable, less likely to result in spills, and they won’t add extra weight to luggage, backpacks, or coolers.

Flexible retail packaging has the ability to shape public opinion about a brand, which is why this makes a great solution for communicating the benefits of Palcohol to those concerned about its potentially harmful effects. Transparency is always vital for companies that wish to gain approval and loyalty from regulators and consumers. Making the smart choice to use protective flexible retail packaging that offers plenty of space for warning labels, ingredients lists, and brand information can help Palcohol finally achieve its goal of revolutionizing the alcohol industry.

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