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3 Things Your Retail Packaging Should Say About Your Company & Brand

We’ve often said that packaging is the voice of your brand but what does that mean in reality?  Retail packaging comes in so many sizes,abstract-business-concept_XknIeW.jpg styles, and shapes that it’s hard to pinpoint, right?  Not really.  While retail packaging continues to change and evolve there are 3 main things that it should do for not only your brand but your company as well.  These three things are as follows:

  1. Tell your story
  2. Show how your company feels about its customers
  3. Show how your company feels about the environment

Tell Your Story

Your packaging, from custom stand up bags to glass jars and everything in between must explain what makes your product better than your competitors.  Why is it so good for you, long lasting or great tasting?  What lengths have you gone to acquire exotic ingredients that make your product what it is?  Whatever makes your product what it is, must be conveyed on your packaging.  Your custom printed label or labels, the flexible packaging, the printed folding carton, etc., all of these must be printed so your potential customer knows within 10 seconds what sets your product apart and why they should buy it.

Show How Your Company Feels About Its Customers

Is your retail packaging convenient, easy to open, easy to close?  Have you taken the time to consider how your customer is going to buy and consume your product?  We are constantly amazed at the number of companies that don’t think of their customers, only their bottom line.  Or, the other extreme, they don’t think about their packaging until the very last minute and they throw it into something that doesn’t protect the contents or keep it fresh for any real length of time.  Showing how your company feels about its customers can be as simple as re-sealable ziplocks, pour spouts, and even bottom gussets so the package will conveniently stand up in your cupboard. 

Show How Your Company Feels About The Environment

More and more consumers are looking at the packaging you use to see if you are mindful of the environment.  Are you packaging your product in a big 1 gallon plastic pail or jar that requires three times the energy to produce than another type of packaging?  Does your product take up a ton of room in a warehouse or weigh so much that it costs extra to ship?  More and more consumers want packaging that is not only recyclable but landfill friendly and they will buy based upon the packaging that you are using.

So, here are some examples of different types of retail packaging and what we feel they really say about your company if you use them.

The Corrugated Box

Ah, the corrugated box.  Nothing beats the tired and stale look and feel of a brown corrugated box with an applied label.  Ugly, inefficient, and dusty with millions of paper fibers flying all around…if the corrugated box was a person it would be that sluggish, boring guy you pass in the hall at work but never take the time to get to know…think pocket protector and the Revenge of the Nerds!

The Can

This is really boring.  Aluminum, steel, even plastic…regardless the can is just like watching paint dry.  If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck.  If it has a snap on cap or a screw on cap and is made from aluminum or even steel, your packaging is so stuck in the 70s.  You probably like the Bee Gees and Saturday Night Fever.

The Plastic Jug

OK tough guy, you are big, thick, heavy, strong and oh so expensive.  You think it’s ok to require 3 times the energy to make or take up so much room in a warehouse that you need your very own warehouse…but let’s be serious, you’ve got a target on your back and your day is coming.  Think of Biff Tannen (Back To The Future)

Bag In A Box

You think you are being creative and really smart by putting a bag inside a box and to an extent you are.  But in the end you still are using twice as much packaging than you really need and paying more than you have to as well.  Think Cliff Clavin (Cheers)

Stock Stand Up Pouch With A Label

You are moving on up to the east side and you finally got a piece of the pie (The Jeffersons)!  The point is, the stand up pouch is a great idea, laminated film to not only contain the product but allow the pouch to stand effectively on a store shelf while keeping the contents fresher for longer.  You are on your way baby!

Custom Stand Up Bag

The final frontier!  You’ve arrived.  The custom stand up bag can be printed up to 12 colors, uses a fraction of the energy to produce versus other packaging products, ships flat, stores flat, and protects your product like never before while building your brand!  No more stick on labels, no more feeling like your packaging is holding you back.  Your packaging stands up, stands out, and flies off of store shelves!  Come on world, you are here to stay!

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In closing, your packaging is the voice of your brand.  It has to “speak” for you when you aren’t there to explain all the benefits and wonderful details of your product while protecting what’s inside so it has the taste, texture and anything else you intended.  Sure there are other packaging styles and items available; however nothing has proven as effective as the custom stand up bag.  Trust your packaging professional for help and guidance and remember it’s your product, package it properly.


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