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How Custom Stand Up Bags Can Influence Buyer Decisions

How Custom Stand Up Bags Can Influence Buyer Decisions

When your customer arrives at the grocery store, they are faced with thousands of purchase options from dozens of companies. As companies compete for shelf space and customer recognition, you might feel as if your products are lost in a sea of boxes, packages, and even stand up pouches. The good news is that there are ways you can catch the eye of your customers without spending tons of money. The better news is that customer recognition (and eventually product sales) can be accomplished with custom stand bags.

Does Your Product Protective Packaging Pass The 7-Second Test?

Snap decisions are an understatement when it comes to retail purchases. Business Insider conducted a study that suggests customers make a decision on your product within 7 seconds. This means that your packaging and presentation must catch the eye of your customer and resonate with them in some way, all within 7 seconds.

If your food packaging isn’t making an impact within that time frame, it’s time to re-evaluate your packaging presentation.

Five Considerations of Customer Purchase Decisions

As your customer makes their product selection in the grocery aisle, multiple factors flow through their head. Several of these characteristics include:

  • Product price: Does the quality of the product reflect its true value?
  • Brand recognition: Does your customer know the brand and trust the product?
  • Product presentation: Is your product packaging appealing to your customer?
  • Colors and emotion: What message or emotion does your packaging present?
  • Convenience: Does your product packaging offer a level of convenience?

The better understanding of your customer’s thought process, the more clues we can take away to create the best product packaging possible.

The Influence of Custom Stand Up Bags

While any form of protective packaging can make an impression on your customers, custom stand bags have their own set of advantages. Here are several ways you can use stand up pouches to attract more customers, as well as enhancements and improvements you can make to further influence their final decision.

Representing Your Brand With Custom Stand Up Bags

Your food packaging reflects your brand on a subconscious level to your customers. Attention to detail, quality, and overall presentation all matters to your customers on a subconscious level. Stand up pouches can reflect the following qualities in your brand:

  • Innovative: While custom stand bags aren’t entirely new, they still offer an interesting and innovative option for product packaging. Using them shows that you think outside of the box (quite literally).
  • Quality Focused: This style offers quality flexible retail packaging solutions for your customers. They’re durable and keep your food ultra fresh.
  • Customer Focused: Above all else, stand up pouches show that your company cares about your customers. They’re convenient for on-the-go snacks and won’t let your customer’s food spoil. Using custom stand bags shows that you went the extra step to consider your customer’s lifestyle and needs.

Your protective packaging is sitting on store shelves every minute of every day. Stand up pouches will help brand your company and send the right message to your customers with product quality, customer focus and innovation.Download our eBook  Building Your  Brand Starter Kit

Influencing Customers with Aesthetics of Custom Stand Up Bags

Let’s face it: stand up pouches are a lot more interesting to look at than a standard packaging box. They have the option to have most of the entire surface printed, and some trailblazers opt to have a clear bag with very few graphics. Whichever route you decide to go, the design of your stand up pouch is only limited to your imagination.

When it comes to the design of your bag, there are several factors that influence customer buying decisions. First, typography comes into play. Typography is the art of making written words look appealing and beautiful. You can accomplish this by choosing fonts that are aesthetic looking yet easy to read. Typography plays a large role in your branding and protective packaging design. Interesting fonts will draw eyes to your packaging and naturally encourage customers to spend a longer amount of time looking at your product.

Connecting to Customers With Color

Color has had an impact on the human brain and emotions for hundreds of years. It comes as no surprise that there is literally a science behind the color wheel, and the colors of your custom stand bag can impact your customers in multiple ways.

  • Red might catch attention, but experts warn that it can trigger a cautionary response that can send customers packing.
  • Black signifies sophistication and can make your product appear more expensive than it is.
  • Blue is connected to feelings of trust and credibility. It’s also suggested that blue can increase customer loyalty.
  • Green is the best color to reach customers who have an eco-friendly mindset.
  • Orange is associated with fairness and affordability.
  • Yellow is a color that energizes. It is also suggested that yellow stimulates appetite.

The right colors for your stand up pouches boils down to your brand and your message. Whatever color from the color wheel that you choose, be sure to stay consistent for branding purposes…this way your customer will always recognize the colors on your custom stand bags and connect them to your brand.

Packaging Stats That Make You Think Twice

There’s a lot to learn from our customers about how our packaging impacts their decisions. Here are a few interesting stats from The Paper Worker that might have you re-considering your current packaging strategy:

  • Approximately 52% of consumers would buy from a company again if the products were contained in premium packaging.
  • Nearly 40% of consumers share photos of product packaging if it looks like a gift.
  • Brands show a 30% increase in consumer interest when they use attractive packaging.

As you can see, product presentation matters with your customers. The presentation from custom stand bags provides a unique customer experience while offering a level of convenience. It might be tough to hit all 5 of the target buying considerations with your customers, but it’s entirely possible when you use stand up pouches for your protective packaging needs.



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