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6 Lessons Our Protective Packaging Competitors Taught Us

Do you enjoy competition? Whether you are or aren’t a fan of sharing the playing field, competitors are a part of your business life. Some choose to make sworn enemies from their competitors, but we have a different approach here at StandUpPouches.net. Sure, we might not be the biggest guy on the block (yet), but rest assured we’re closing the gap and taking notes to improve our own customer experience.

We aren’t aiming to be copycats—we’re carving out our voice in this industry and learning from our competitors’ mistakes.

  1. Competitors Taught us to Value Our Customers

Unfortunately, it’s easy for big brand names in any industry to lose touch with customers. Large corporations can become disconnected from their customers and forget what matters most. Here at StandUpPouches.net, we consistently strive to meet the needs of every customer as if it’s the first day of opening our doors.

How this helps you: We don’t believe that there’s a cookie cutter approach to every client’s needs. Every order is carefully reviewed and analyzed one by one, so we can help you make the best decision to reach your goals. You don’t have to deal with protective packaging companies that are too big to show customers that they care.

  1. Competitors Taught us to be Transparent

Isn’t it frustrating how you can’t ever get a straight answer with big companies? Everyone is so afraid of stepping on someone’s toes, admitting they are wrong, or needing to apologize. Instead of being honest with you (their customer), they string you along or drop you like a hot potato.

If you ever want the truth about the flexible retail packaging industry and a no-nonsense approach to how to enhance your brand, you’ll find it at StandUpPouches.net.

How this helps you: You won’t have to worry about reading generic blogs and industry updates. Every piece of content on our website is carefully considered for how it will benefit you—our customer.

Not only do we aim to help our customers on our website and in person, we do it with transparency. We don’t like to get the run around, and we’re guessing that you don’t, either.

  1. Competitors Taught us to Offer Volume Options

We heard your comments loud and clear. Why can’t you have more control over the volume of your flexible packaging? Why must you get stuck with a lot more or a lot less than what you need? Everyone should have options, and the good news is that you have lots of them when dealing with us.

When you are ready to order your packaging, we print to scale and fit your specific needs. Whether you need 5,000 or 500,000 barrier bags, we’ll How We Work work with you to get exactly what you need—nothing more, nothing less.

How this helps you: Our customers were frustrated with other companies and getting locked in with too-high or too-low volume orders. We’ve made this issue a thing of the past and fit your order to your closest specified volume.

  1. Competitors Taught us to Outdo Ourselves

It’s easy to get in your comfort zone and never strive to reach new levels. We’ve seen this happen in the packaging industry and we refuse to fit into this mold. We constantly review and re-evaluate our business model to fit market trends and innovate our way to a better brand. The best flexible packaging brand is always growing and discovering new ways to improve its product and presentation.

If we are anything here at StandUpPouches.net, we are innovative and driven to help our clients succeed with flexible packaging.

How this helps you: Working with us ensures that your product packaging will always be on top of the current trends. We stay on top of what’s hot in the industry so you don’t have to. Whenever you’re ready for a design overhaul or a new option to enhance the freshness of your product, we’ve got you covered.

  1. Competitors Taught us to Go Bold (With Print)

You are well aware that there is a ton of protective packaging lining store shelves on a daily basis. It’s easy to get lost in a sea of packages at the store, but the good news is that there are easy ways to stand out. Aside from selecting flexible retail packaging, you can enhance your presentation by using bold colors and crisp graphics that really make your brand stand out.

How this helps you: Branding is essential for food marketers. You can help your customers remember your name with protective packaging that packs a punch.

By using rotogravure printing, our customers receive high quality printing that turns boring packages into wow-factor shelf displays. Choosing colors that are aesthetically pleasing and blending with your brand will increase awareness and help your product stand out.

With StandUpPouches.net, blending in isn’t an option.

  1. Competitors Taught us to Lead The Industry

Let’s be honest—there aren’t many clear-cut throat leaders in the flexible retail packaging industry. It’s a niche that’s not too exciting, but it’s a necessity to our customers in multiple ways. The lack of leaders in our market has given us the opportunity to blaze trails and re-invent the protective packaging industry as we know it.

How this helps you: We make unique decisions and innovate our product to influence the market. Who wouldn’t want to join forces with an industry leader?

We are thankful for our competition and the lessons they’ve taught us. We aren’t claiming to be perfect, but we think we do a pretty good job at what we do. If you still aren’t convinced, perhaps it’s time to pick up the phone and see how StandUpPouches.net can transform not only your product packaging, but your reputation and your brand. Remember, it’s your product…package it properly.

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David Marinac

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