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4 Products That Shine With Flat Bottom Stand Up Bags

Flat Bottom Bag and Stand Up Pouches

When you put your heart and soul into a quality product, you want to be sure that you package it properly.

Product packaging is essentially like a protective giftwrap that you offer to your customers, and it serves the purpose of keeping its contents safe in a decorative manner.

It’s true that product packaging isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. With that said, sometimes finding the perfect packaging can take a bit of trial and error.

But to save you a little bit of time, we’re going to highlight various products that are well suited for flat bottom stand up bags, specifically.

1. Granola and Cereal

When your customers stroll the cereal aisle at the grocery store, it’s a safe bet that they expect to see an endless selection of cardboard boxes — boring, predictable cardboard boxes.

What customers are likely not expecting to see is cereal packaging that’s standing on the shelf without the help of a bulky box. Flexible box bags do just this without the weight and heft. Shoppers will be caught off guard to see such innovative packaging used for a simple product such as cereal.

Customers won’t be able to help but pluck your product from the store shelf amongst all of your competitors. But the good news is that their selection will be a no-brainer because you selected an out-of-the-box cereal packaging strategy that stands up (and out) from the competition. 

2. Tea and Coffee

It’s crucial to keep your tea and coffee products fresh, and not just until your customers take your product home. Coffee and tea need to taste top-notch all the way through to the last cup, but offering a fresh cup day after day can be a challenge. 

Chances are, your customers bought your product because they don’t want to wait in line every morning at Dunkin' Donuts or Starbucks, so they’re counting on you to deliver. They want the taste of hot, roasted coffee at home — and they expect it to have the quality and taste of what you’d receive from a local café.

While we aren’t necessarily coffee flavor experts here at StandUpPouches.net, we do happen to be experts at keeping coffee fresh — and that’s what flat bottom bags are all about.

Flat bottom bags keep coffee at an epitome of freshness by combining airtight quality seals and extra barrier layers. These protective features help keep out unwanted air and sunlight, which can quickly diminish the quality and freshness of your coffee and tea.

When you’re down to the wire and need a dependable and flexible coffee packaging option, flat bottom bags just make sense. Don’t you think?

Ghirardelli Chocolates

3. Candy and Chocolate

Candy itself is tempting to anyone with a sweet tooth — but how about taking the temptation up a notch? There’s a variety of candy and chocolate packaging options, and your candy product doesn’t have to be stuck on the bottom shelf in a boring plastic bag.

Flexble box bags give your candy packaging an extra sense of decadence with irresistible artwork and metallic foil. Foil stand up bags automatically add a dash of luxury to any product, and combining candy with luxurious packaging is a will surely entice your customer’s taste buds.

4. Dog And Cat Treats

The purpose of flat bottom bags isn’t only limited to products for humans. We can’t forget our purina2friends in the pet industry who need to make their mark on pet store shelves. Pet lovers are always looking for high-quality treats to feed their companions — and nothing says high quality like well-designed flat bottom stand up bags.

Packaging dog and cat treats in flat bottom stand up bags is generally the same process as the aforementioned products. You’ll simply select the right size stand up bag that is perfect for your product, submit your custom artwork (or have your packaging company design it for you), and prepare to have your packaging turn heads at the store.

Quality pet packaging will help build trust with your customers, and there’s no better road to credibility than selecting top-notch flat bottom stand up bags for your cat and dog treats.

See Your Product Shine With Flat Bottom Bags

If your product wasn’t mentioned on this list, not all hope is lost. The truth is, there is hundreds of products that are well suited for flexible bags — and the bottom line is that they’ll make your product stand out and enhance its perceived quality. Ask your packaging professional to give you a free sample of flat bottom stand up bags, and see the value for yourself.

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