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Artwork Templates

While ABC Packaging Direct, home of StandUpPouches.net, has the ability to customize stand up pouches to the exact size, specs and structures each client needs, we do offer various artwork templates for custom printed bags, flat bottom bags, spouted pouches, stock packaging and more to help guide your team team through the design process.

Choose from the assorted dielines below to find the right template for your project.

Questions? Visit our Graphic Design page to learn more.

Stand Up Pouches

Stand Up Pouches

Bottom-Fill Flat

127mm x 102mm (bottom-fill flat) Download PDF


76mm x 127mm (flat) Download PDF

101mm x 165mm (flat) Download PDF

127mm x 203mm (flat) Download PDF

140mm x 228mm (flat) Download PDF

152mm x 229mm (flat) Download PDF


130mm x 205mm x 76mm (Kraft 4oz) Download PDF

150mm x 230mm x 82mm (Kraft 8oz) Download PDF

170mm x 290mm x 90mm (Kraft 1lb) Download PDF  

K-Style Gusset

105mm x 155mm x 80mm (K-style gusset) Download PDF

114mm x 190mm x 50mm (K-style gusset) Download PDF

127mm x 178mm x 50mm (K-style gusset) Download PDF

140mm x 216mm x 50mm (K-style gusset) Download PDF

152mm x 203mm x 50mm (K-style gusset) Download PDF

152mm x 203mm x 76mm (K-style gusset) Download PDF

152mm x 228mm x 90mm (K-style gusset) Download PDF

178mm x 279mm x 90mm (K-style gusset) Download PDF

216mm x 292mm x 90mm (K-style gusset) Download PDF

Round Bottom

114mm x 178mm x 50mm (round bottom) Download PDF

140mm x 216mm x 64mm (round bottom) Download PDF

152mm x 229mm x 84mm (round bottom) Download PDF

171.5mm x 229mm x 76mm (round bottom) Download PDF

178mm x 241mm x 76mm (round bottom) Download PDF

Spouted Pouches

Spouted Pouches

108mm x 153mm x 66mm (5.2 oz) Download PDF

140mm x 229mm x 76mm (24 oz) Download PDF

Side Gusset Box Style

Side Gusset Box Style

200mm x 280mm x 76mm Download PDF

78mm x 165mm x 38mm Download PDF

78mm x 165mm x 76mm Download PDF

Child-Resistant Style

Child-Resistant Style

Small: 170mm x 102mm Download PDF 

Medium: 203mm x 153mm Download PDF

Large: 310mm x 229mm Download PDF


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