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Protective Vitamin and Supplement Packaging

custom pouches for vitaminsTo separate your product from the masses of similar (although not as high quality) products, you need a stand up bag for vitamins that stands out. Our vitamin packaging, quite frankly, is top notch in that it will protect your product from punctures, moisture, air, odors, and even UV light. Each standup pouch for vitamins that we offer uses multiple layers of barrier film to keep its contents safe and sound. One layer is simply not enough when your vitamin pouches have to be shipped to and from warehouses before getting to the customers. 

Each standup pouch for vitamins uses these laminated layers of barrier film to be able to stand up, just like the name says. These thick layers provide a sturdiness to your supplement packaging that sets your product apart from the other ones on the store shelves. What do you think a shopper would notice first – vitamin pouches that lie flat on the shelf or those that stand up? The answer to this question says it all and shows how much a stand up bag for vitamins could help your brand gain popularity!

Vitamins in Stand Up Pouch

Custom Vitamin Packaging

With so many different brands of vitamins and supplements out there, you need a way to distinguish yours and push it to the forefront of this market. You can do this easily by checking out our customized vitamin packaging options. We allow you to submit custom artwork of your own, which means we can help you create the packaging that is perfect for your product. The pouches of your dreams will be made into a reality! That reality will enable your business' sales to skyrocket. It's amazing how such a small step can really turn your brand around to the point that it becomes a household name. All that we require is that your design is approved to meet our Artwork Guidelines. Once this happens, you'll receive your order of 5,000+ custom pouches within 6-12 weeks.

If customized artwork doesn't appeal to you, we also offer plain stock supplement packaging, which is a quick way to get started making those sales! We let you choose the color (from ten different ones) and size that best reflects your brand's uniqueness. Both our custom and stock pouches allow you to add features such as tear notches, heavy duty zipper tops, hang holes, and spouts. By choosing Stand Up Pouches, you'll be choosing a packaging company whose goal is to promote your product in every way possible. That doesn't sound so bad now, does it?


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