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Fruit Packaging and Vegetable Packaging That Locks in Freshness and Flavor

fruitGrowers put a tremendous amount of time and care into harvesting and cultivating their produce. Getting the fruits of your labor into the hands of customers seeking healthful, wholesome food options requires packaging that will keep the product fresh and flavorful. At StandUpPouches.net, we offer high-quality fruit packaging bags and vegetable packaging bags that preserve the vitamin and nutritional content of your harvest while keeping it safe from harmful outside elements like air, light, moisture, odor and bacteria.

Our plain stock stand up pouches and custom printed pouches are the perfect options for fruit and vegetable packaging because they are made from multiple, FDA-approved barrier layers that are laminated together, creating a strong structure that keeps the food inside crisp and flavorful. Consumers who purchase food that comes from the earth expect it to taste like it was grown and picked right in their back yard. This is why the right protective packaging is so important – it will reduce spoilage and damage to the quality, shape, and taste of the product during every phase of the production and transportation process.

Custom printed pouches for vegetable and fruit packaging help agricultural companies set their brand apart fromthe rest using bold, water-based inks that proudly display their unique logos, graphics, color schemes, and creative designs. Whether you’re packaging pre-chopped fruit for smoothies, or looking for a new way to keep leafy greens fresher longer, choosing flexible fruit packaging bags and vegetable packaging bags preserves natural, wholesome and presents them in their best light.

Today’s consumer is increasingly health conscious and aware of harmful additives and artificial ingredients used in unhealthy food. As they seek out nutritious products made from the earth, their expectation is that companies keep the food well guarded from harmful bacteria or other outside contaminants. That’s why choosing high-quality, food-grade fruit and vegetable packaging bags to hold your products cannot be overlooked. Our strong, pliable packaging helps reduce spoilage and food waste while locking in the delicious natural flavors of expertly grown fruit and vegetables. 

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