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Roasted Coffee Packaging 

How can StandUpPouches.net's coffee valve bags help me?

The answer to this question is more simple than you may think. Because of the nature of the coffee bean, it is of the utmost importance that coffee is stored properly. Coffee itself can release a gas that, if kept inside a bag, can ruin the product. With our coffee valve bags, this isn't a major concern. Thanks to the coffee bags valve used in our roasted coffee bags, this gas can be released without pulling other gases into the bag at the same time. Because of this, the freshness of your roasted coffee is not compromised. Our bags for roasted coffee are able to maintain this freshness because we have made that our top priority.

No one wants to pay for a product that is unable to stay fresh while sitting on a shelf. Our foil coffee bags have been designed in such a way that the roasted coffee you produce will withstand sitting in stores until customers buy it. Even after they have purchased the product, they will be able to open and use it, then close it without any problem. That's right, even after opening our foil coffee bags, the quality of the product won't suffer as long as the consumer closes it after each use. This is because of the coffee bags valve technology we employ to release the bad gases while keeping odors, light, and vapor out. Our special coffee valve bags are necessary to keep your customers coming back.

Tell me more...

Not only do we offer coffee bags valve openings, we also offer window openings in our roasted coffee bags so that interested customers can see your product before taking the plunge to buy it. We provide limitless options for what you can decorate your foil coffee bags with too. This means you can choose to add custom artwork or order plain bags and apply a label. Without this, it's easy for your product to get lumped in with competitors'. You don't want that, and neither do we. That's why we provide so many options for our coffee valve bags, such as heavy duty zipper tops, tear notches, hang holes, and pour spouts. You can combine any of these extra features.




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