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Vegan Food Packaging with
Stand Up Pouches

Vegan PackagingWe offer so many different options that no matter what kind of vegan product packaging you need, it is highly likely we can help you. We recognize that while vegan food excludes eggs, cow milk, meat, and cheese, much of it still contains foods that can spoil when not packaged properly. This is why we have vacuum food bags available to keep air from degrading your product. Our vegan food bags leave your food protected by layer upon layer of barrier film because we know that one thin layer is just not enough up against moisture, punctures, and UV light. Our vacuum food bags seal in the freshness while keeping contaminants out. Even our clear poly bags can protect your vegan food just as well, and you get to choose between those or materials like foil, Mylar, and metalized film – it's up to you to decide what vegan food packaging you prefer! For example, if you want customers to be able to see your product, go with our clear poly bags; if you don't necessarily want them to, opt for our foil bags. This is only one way in which we give you an open range of options.  

Vegan Cheese in Flexible Packaging

Vacuum Food Bags With Some Oomph

So many brands out there come in plain, boring bags. This is why we let you customize the stand up bag for vegan food of your dreams. You've put so much hard work into creating these foods, and for this you deserve to let the world know it. Even our vacuum food bags allow custom-printed designs. A bit of color and the right kind of text can keep customers coming back and choosing your vegan food over the brand sitting right next to it! For custom vegan packaging, all you have to do is submit your artwork. If it meets our Artwork Guidelines, you'll receive your vegan food bags in as few as 6-12 weeks. We do require you to order at least 5,000 pouches for our custom-printed pouches, but this quantity is much lower than what our competitors offer. You can choose the colors and size you want, along with whether you want to add tear notches, hang holes, or even heavy duty zipper tops. We look forward to hearing from you and packaging your delicious vegan goodies – the world is waiting!

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