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Perfect Popcorn Packaging for Innovative Brands

Snacking is on the rise among U.S. consumers, with many actively selecting savory, healthful foods they can take on the go. Popcorn is growing as a popular option as brands experiment with inventive flavor varieties and new ways to package and present their products. The healthful snack is recognized by its light, fluffy shape and distinctive crunch, and it requires a form of packaging that will keep its structure intact while preserving its flavor and freshness.

We know consumers experience products using all five senses, and it’s imperative that the popcorn’s taste, aroma, look, feel, and texture are protected. Innovative new forms of flexible packaging help companies achieve all that and more.

Stand up pouches are strong enough to hold bulk quantities of un-popped kernels and properly protect delicate popped pieces without the excess weight and rigidness of traditional containers like large tins, glass jars, or cardboard boxes. The unique structure of a stand up pouch includes side panels and gusseted bottoms that are locked together to preTiny But Mighty Popcorn in Stand Up Pouchvent leaks and extend the shelf life of the product inside.

Resealable zippers at the top push air out to reduce staleness and prevent the risk of popcorn coming in contact with outside contaminants that can degrade the quality of the product and potentially harm consumers.

Flexible packaging can be produced with clear windows that show shoppers exactly what the product looks like – think of it as an “upgrade” of the traditional flimsy plastic bag with a twist-tie top. Stand up pouches are strong enough to stand vertically on shelves and are made with multiple layers of barrier film that work together to keep the package upright without falling over, collapsing, or falling apart. Flexible box bags – another form of stand up pouch –  mimic the shape of the classic movie theater popcorn box but are more structurally sound and resistant to spills or puncture.

Stand up pouches can be custom printed with food-safe, water-based inks in up to 12 colors. This helps brands visually communicate the high quality and distinct traits of their specific popcorn blends and set themselves apart from the competition.

We offer a variety of flexible packaging options to choose from, whether it’s kraft stand up pouches for a more natural look,  pouches made with metalized film, or custom-printed pouches that utilize every inch of the packaging to show off your unique branding and designs. We can also supply printed rollstock for your popcorn company to make smaller, single-serve varieties that still include all the great qualities of larger flexible packaging.

Whether you’re packaging un-popped kernels, or unique flavor blends of pre-popped popcorn like toffee, bacon, caramel, cheddar, cinnamon sugar, or kettle corn, we will work with your brand to personalize and select the very best packaging option that suits your original product.

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