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A Stand Up Bag for Protein Packaging That Stands Out


perfect_fitThere's no shortage of ways in which stand up pouches can help you. Let's face it: a company is doomed to fail if they don't effectively market their product. The perfect protein powder bag is an easy way to make sure your brand comes out on top! You need a protein powder bag that stands out from the rest while making sure the powder stays safe from concerns like odors, moisture, air, UV light, and punctures. All of these things could seriously compromise the quality of your protein powder.

The bags of protein powder that we can provide you with use multiple layers of barrier film to protect your product. These layers of film have been laminated together because honestly, one layer of film just isn't enough. Some companies go the cheap route and use a thin layer of film for their bags of protein powder, but when you have to ship your protein powder to a warehouse or store it in a shop, this single layer won't keep your product fresh.

We pride ourselves on the fact that any protein powder bag you get from us will be thick and sturdy, standing up against all the elements. On top of that, our protein bags give you the option of customizing your packaging. In this dog eat dog world, you need to get your product out there and keep people intrigued. An easy way to do this is to order customized bags of protein from us. Our pouches have wide front and back areas so that you can use a multitude of designs. Once your designs have been approved as having out our artwork guidelines, you'll receive your order within 6-12 weeks. You don't even have to request more than 5,000 pouches at a time.

We allow you to order as few as 5,000 because we have a feeling you'll be impressed enough to come back for more! Even if you don't want custom-printed bags, we offer stock stand up pouches too. Browse our store and decide the color and size that's right for your brand. We even provide additional features like hang holes, spouts, gas release valves, tear notches, and heavy duty zipper tops. How you want the quality of your product reflected to customers is entirely up to you. Head over to our Fast Track System to get started immediately.

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