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Baking Mix Packaging that Keeps Dry Foods Delicious

Stand Up Pouches That Preserve and Protect Dry IngredientsBaking Mix in Stand Up Pouch

Baking mixes make it easy to enjoy our favorite treats, from brownies to cake to pancakes and more. But to keep these dry foods delicious, they must stay safe, fresh, and protected – and that means packaging them properly.

At StandUpPouches.net, we provide dry food packaging that ensures that your product looks and tastes great for as long as possible.

Our stand up pouches for baking mixes and other dry foods protect against problems like puncture holes, odors, oxygen, moisture, UV light, and pests, all of which can degrade your dry ingredients. By using multiple layers of barrier film, we guarantee that your dry food packaging is thicker, sturdier, and more resistant to the hazards that your product faces on its way to your customers.

Dry Food Packaging that’s as Tempting as Your Treats

The packaging for your baking mixes should do more than protect your product. Dry food packaging needs to jump off the shelves to entice your customer – and do it better than your competition. That’s why we offer custom printed bags, flexible design services, and small order sizes that allow you to test and discover the most effective packaging for your product.

Submit your own design, or use our graphic design department. Either way, we ensure that you have great looking packaging in the quantity you need, from 5,000 pieces up to 5 million. Need specific features on your stand up pouches? No problem. Choose from options like hang holes, tear notches, and heavy duty zipper tops  to make your dry foods products as functional as they are flavorful.

Learn more about packaging baking mixes and dry foods in our ebook, Dry Food Packaging Using Stand Up Pouches.

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