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Shrink Sleeves for Cans & Bottles

Shrink Sleeves for Bottles and JarsShrink sleeves sourced from the US, absolutely no problem, great quality, but did you know they are dealing with 12-15 week lead times and possibly more after the Coronavirus? Did you know that when you add up a can and the sleeve and the mobile canning and the labor your per piece price will be in the $.40 cent range when talking about a 12 ounce 355 ml aluminum can?

What if you have an overseas factory to run the shrink sleeves at a fraction of the cost and the lead time? Well, now you do. We can print up to 12 colors, we can print Rotogravure or even digital and we can create not only a cost savings but a supply chain solution that will blow you away!

To be clear, we aren't against anything made in the US.  However the harsh reality is unless you are Nestle' or P&G getting what you need as far as printed sleeves and other types of flexible packaging is going to be problem.  An overseas operation that can not only provide you what you want and need from a shrink sleeve or other type of flexible film perspective but develop a complete Supply Chain solution could be a game-changer for your organization.

What you were able to lock in a blanket with the factory to hold either finished sleeves or just the resin to not only lock in your pricing but drastically reduce your lead time?  What if the same factory could have finished product at our US warehouse and another at our overseas warehouse and all you do is release from our US warehouse and we replenish from overseas.  Now your lead time is practically nothing.

All of these things are part of a Supply Chain solution that many in the US fail to take advantage of, and that's unfortunate.  Overseas suppliers are desperate to work with US companies and are more than willing to be creative when it comes to locking in your business...but the KEY is to have a US partner like an ABC Packaging Direct to negotiate these things for you.  Because we have our own staff on the ground we can create solutions that work for both the factory and you as the customer.

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