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A very unique material and packaging design from Europe that has not hit the US market yet. Why not be the first? This is in essence a patented flexible pouch that is Sempack Blue Cheeserigid enough to stand like a bottle, has a base to stand and can be inverted on it’s top or lid so it can stand the other way as well. What makes this unique and innovative is it is 100% recyclable…including the lid, including the structure of the pouch itself. Think of products that normally would be packaged in rigid containers like shampoo, soap, jelly, jam, sauces, condiments, etc. Now you have a package that is 100% recyclable…100% and can be filled Hot or Cold and can be filled using current bottling equipment.

Did you know that 25% of the world’s pollution comes from food and other waste that is still inside the packaging? Did you know that the popular inverted stand up pouches for Daisy sour cream and Chobani lose over 15% of the product because it is stuck inside the packaging and cannot be discharged? Think of the wasted profit…think of the cost to consumers…think of the environment! Sempack discharges nearly 98%.  Think flexible pouch that can stand on the base or the lid (try that Chobani or Daisy)!

Sempack for Caramel

Want to learn more about this award willing concept on Sempack?  Here is a pdf

Eco Friendly Options Overview

Here with Sempack you have a recycling story, as well as a sustainable story and certainly and eco-friendly story.

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