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Plow Bottom Gusset Pouches

Companies packaging heavy, bulky items may shy away from choosing flexible packaging for fear that lightweight, pliable containers won’t adequately hold their items and make them easy to move, carry, or stock on shelves. The reality is, plow bottom stand up pouches were specifically designed for this very reason, and their scientifically developed layers of film are expertly laminated together to make them much stronger than traditional plastic bags and even cardboard boxes.

This type of bottom gusseted stand up pouch features a unique corner seal fold at the bottom that is shaped like a W. As a type of minimal seal packaging, it has become the preferred way to contain granular products, like sugar and salt, because none of the product will sneak through the cracks and get wasted or spoiled. This style of bottom gusseted stand up pouch is recommended for items that weigh 5 pounds or more, and because the products are heavier, the plow bottom stand up pouches won’t need the extra help of a bottom seal to keep it standing vertically on shelves.

Manufacturers of heavy products need not worry that flexible packaging will break or be unable to support the weight of their items because this type of gusseted pouch actually depends on your product to function effectively. The weight of the items helps support the pouch, resulting in a mutually beneficial relationship where the packaging keeps everything locked in tight and resistant to puncture, tear, or breakage. 



Undergoing a product evolution and thinking outside the box with new types of minimal seal packaging can truly take your brand to the next level. While stand up pouches serve to make products look great, they also are one of the most structurally sound ways to protect your items and coincide with changing consumer trends and demands. Plow bottom stand up pouches are the perfect way to sell your heavy, bulk products while making them easy to get to, transport, store, reclose, and enjoy.



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