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K Style Bottom Gusset Pouches

Just as no two products are exactly alike, packaging styles, too, differ in slight but significant ways to best suit the needs of your unique items. Stand up pouches can be customized to feature your brand’s bold and vibrant artwork, and this type of packaging can be made to include tear notches, resealable zippers, hang holes, and other additional attributes that best serve your company and customer.

An integral reason leading companies choose stand up pouches is because of their structural design and ability to stand out on shelves. The key element that allows this type of flexible packaging is its use of laminated layers and bottom gussets. K style bottom gusset pouches, in particular, are made with a backwards “K” that allows more product to be contained near the bottom of the bag. The seals on both sides ease rise at a 30-degree angle, taking the pressure off the sides of the pouches to allow for additional volume and reduce the risk of puncture or tear.

Gusset bottom pouches are an excellent option for companies that are looking to package large quantities of product or items that exceed a certain weight. This is the perfect solution for packaging 1 to 5 pounds of products, and each pouch can be produced with a metallized foil, glossy, clear, or matte finish. When choosing a bottom gusseted pouch, the K style is great for items like snack food, pet treats, candies and more.

If your team is still determining which bottom gusset pouches are right for your product, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here not only as your packaging suppliers, but also as your partner. We care almost as much as your company about the protection and presentation of your product.



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