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Hand Sanitizer Packaging Supplies--What's Available Right Now?

What started as a run on 38-400 alcohol compliant gallon pumps has caused an unprecedented demand for any type of packaging product for hand sanitizer.  There are those that were in the business to begin with (Gojo, Best Sanitizer, etc) to many trying to help (distilleries, wineries, chemical companies) along with shortages at US distributors of packaging products like Berlin and Uline.

Here is What We Know

  • An effective drug treatment is probably 3-7 months away.  This won't stop the spread and it won't be the cure but it will take some pressure off of the health system.
  • Soon we will have widespread testing of some sort
  • A vaccine is probably 12-18 months away.
  • Many states are attempting to "re-open" early May, 2020.

What does this have to do with hand sanitizer packaging supplies?  A ton.  We have seen demand for gallon containers push global suppliers to capacity for the entire 2020 year (and we are in April).  The same can be said for pumps, whether gallon pumps, half gallon or even 8 ounce sizes.  Finally, Purell size bottles (50ml, 60ml, etc) are nowhere to be found and many companies are buying from multiple suppliers from around the world and hoping the caps fit the bottles, etc.  It's incredible what is happening.  To be very clear, the stress on the global supply chain of these items is truly global...not just from the US.  Get Your Order Run ASAP--FAST--Click Here

Word Of Caution--Get In Line Now

So many companies are sitting around on their hands hoping that some miracle happens....that some friend of a friend finds 100,000 or 1,000,000 of exactly what they need in some warehouse somewhere (at a cheap price)...and that is not going to happen.  If you want to be in the hand sanitizer business, expect production time to be at least 90 days and then you have to wait on delivery.  Fast Pass

Second Word Of Caution--Hypothetical Situations Don't Work Now

I have heard from hundreds of companies...literally hundreds... asking about..."if I place my order for X by Tuesday and ship by air, when can I have it?"  Or, "If I place my order next Thursday by Noon when will production be done?"  People, if you don't have an order in place, with cash down to secure your spot in production, no one cares and no one is even going to be able to answer you.  Not trying to be a jerk, just real.  If you want and need supplies...order them now and get in line.  The best way to speed up your delivery is to have an order in house...otherwise no one cares.

Why May 1st is an Important Date?

Many US states are attempting to open up around May 1st.  While that sounds great and something to shoot for (we support anything) here is the stark reality.  If you think there is demand now for hand sanitizer supplies (no one is working) wait until May 1st.  Another thing that will cause further stress on the Supply Chain for hand sanitizer items...China is Closed for a National Holiday from May 1st to May 5th.  You think getting answers on your packaging products is hard now...wait until they are closed and ALL of their orders and production backs up.  Again, place your orders now!  Get Your Order Run FAST--Here's How

With this in mind we have expanded our hand sanitizer offerings to help as many companies as possible.

Pumps-Bottles-Gallons for Hand Sanitizer

Front Of The Line Production Option--The Fast Pass



Purell Size Bottles

Spouted and Liquid Stand Up Pouches

Flat Barrier Bags

Value Add

Shipping Options

Please review information and let us know how we can help.  There is light at the end of the tunnel and we can help you get there...faster!  Contact Us Directly 216-373-1005

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